Thursday, September 20, 2012

Game Report - Padres @ Reds Instructs

Attended the Reds instructs opener, where they hosted the Padres.

This game was a disappointment on a lot of levels (no 2012 draftees for San Diego, no Travieso or Langfield for Cincy), but there was some talent on the field:

OF Yeison Asencio/Yoan Alcantara (Padres) - First off, this is the same person.  Asencio was found to have been about 3 years older then his listed age.  That being said, the 21 year old still has tools.  Features avg bat speed that is short to the ball and low maintenance.  He could incorporate a bit more loft in his swing to help reach his power ceiling.  Takes good routes in RF and overall played hard.  He has a chance to be a solid avg regular.

3B Duanel Jones (Padres) - Jones jumped out to me last year by just his sheer size and he is still a big, strong youngster (now 19).  There aren't a lot of people who believe he is 19, but he hasn't been banged yet.  He features avg bat speed in a swing that cuts him off.  For me, the swing has gotten worse (and longer) from last year and I wonder if this was done to help him tap into his power.  He DH'd on this day, so didn't get to see if he was still a below avg 3B.  The tools haven't yet caught up to his production and I am concerned with his motor.

OF Edwin Moreno (Padres) - Moreno had a succesful American debut in the AZL this year and appears to still be building on it.  He showed above avg bat speed w/ a swing that should hit for avg and some power (10-15 HR).  He is still a developing CF, getting bad jumps and taking interesting routes, but projects to be an above average defender thanks to plus speed once underway.  A very intriguing prospect whom I believe is ready for Low A next year.

OF Jonathan Reynoso (Reds) - Reynoso has avg bat speed in a swing that is easily repeatable, projecting to hit for some avg and power.  He is an avg to a tick below runner, so his bat will need to play to handle a corner. 

OF Beau Amaral (Reds) - My first live look at the former UCLA CF and he underwhelmed me a bit.  I saw a fringy to avg arm in CF w/ ok jumps (though he has the speed to make up for it).  He is short to the ball, but doesn't have a lot of bat speed.  For me, he has a 4th OF upside and would be even more valuable if he could show the positional flexibility his dad (Rich) had during his big league career.

OF Jeff Gelalich (Reds) - Another UCLA, the 1st rounder didn't start on this day, but came on to play RF in the 6th and had 2 AB's.  Hits from a spread stance w/ no stride and ok separation.  His swing is short to the ball and will have pull power, as well as the ability to hit for average.  My concern with him is will there be enough overall power to justify a corner?  Will be interesting to watch.

C Jose Ruiz (Padres) - Ruiz is making his United States debut in instructs.  The current 17 year old soon to be 18 year old has starting catcher upside in my eyes based almost solely on his catch and throw ability.  Ruiz played the 2nd half of the game and threw out 2 baserunners with pop times of 1.91 and 1.87.  1.9 is the MLB average...  He features a 7 arm and a quick release.  These times will only continue to improve, as he has issues with his receiving and can be lazy behind the plate.  Offensively, he projects to have avg bat speed in a swing that needs to make some adjustments.  He is a pull heavy hitter who struggled to keep his lower and upper halves in sync.  But, for a 17 year old, this kid has all the tools you want.

1B Jose Dore (Padres) - I first saw Dore at a pre-draft workout for the Nationals and I couldn't believe I was looking at the same player.  The bat speed has decreased, although it flashed above avg on balls he pulled foul later in the game and he appears to be hitting from a position where he is inflexible.  Combining what I saw today with what was essentially a lost year for him at the plate, there is reason to be concerned.

3B Tanner Rahier (Reds) - Rahier never really impressed me during the AZL season and was just there today as well.  He has a body that can continue to get stronger, so it wouldn't surprise me to see him take a big step forward next year.  He shows below avg bat speed now w/ gap to gap ability.  He has a gd first step at 3B with an avg arm.  For me, he projects to be a utility infielder that doesn't have SS ability.

RHS Justin Hancock (Padres) - The best arm I saw on this day, Hancock is a tall, slender righty who comes a 3/4 to H 3/4 release.  While slender, he doesn't have a lot of projectability left and I think he is going to have more of a Jon Garland body as he ages.  He generated easy velocity, working 91-94 in his 2 inning stint, with gd angle and run.  He also showed enough with his other 2 pitches (79-81 late breaking slurve and a 78-79 CH w/ fade and sink) that you can project him to be a middle of the rotation starter.  He absolutely shoved at Eugene to end the year and with the stuff he showed today, it doesn't surprise me.

RHS Erik Cabrera (Padres) - Cabrera did something that is extremely rare, he made his United States debut in the Midwest League and more then held his own.  Cabrera is a slight, projectable right hander and comes at you from a 3/4 FWU.  The rawness can be seen on the mound, where he is a thrower who flies open and struggles to take time over the rubber.  Raw stuff wise, there was a lot to like, as he worked 92-94 w/ a little late run to pair with a SL at 77-83 that flashed avg and a CH at 87 that is developing.  Due to his stature (6'1") and his overall frame, I think his future is in the pen.  He will be interesting to watch, as there are another couple of ticks in there.

Other Padres pitchers I saw on this day were Cam Stewart (20th rounder from 2012, all projection (6'8", 220) with little present stuff, as his FB was 86-88 and his CB was 76), Ivan Marcano (making his States debut at age 21, 88-91 w/ 2 below avg secondary pitches) and Cory Bostjanic (15th rounder this year, 92-93 w/ little life and developing secondary offerings)

RHR Tony Amezcua (Reds) - Of all the guys the Reds threw, Amezcua was probably the best.  Working 91-93 (dropping to 89-92 in his successive 2 innings) with 2 developing secondary offerings (CH at 82-86 was being overthrown and the CB at 78-82 had inconsistent shape and action), he likely profiles in the pen, as he is another slight (6'0") pitcher who can't maintain under the rigors of starting every 5th day.

RHR Pedro Diaz (Reds) - Diaz had a very good debut in the states and we saw a lot of him this year.  I wasn't paying as close attention when he was on the mound b/c of this (focused on seeing a number of Padres hitters from the side) but still worked with a FB at 91-94 and a CB at 79 that has improved since the start of the AZL season.  Diaz is physically mature, so what he is pitching with is going to be what he has and I think it can work in a pen.

Other Reds pitchers I saw on this day were Mike Saunders (24th rounder this year, features 3 fringy pitches (87-90 FB, 80-81 SL, 81-82 CH) and doesn't offer much projection), Jordan Remer (21st rounder this year, lefty featured little in way of projection or stuff, working 87-89 w/ a CH at 79 and a developing SL at 79-83) and Ryan Fennell (undrafted FA this year worked 88-91 w/ an early breaking SL at 79)

Tomorrow will be a busy day, as I will be driving half an hour away to Scottsdale to watch the Diamondbacks take on the Cubs and then return to Goodyear for 4 games of the PG Underclass Tourney.


  1. Hey TK love the blog glad to see it's back. I actually got to watch Asencio, Jones, and Cabrera play all summer and agree with your thoughts on them. Asencio was the Midwest League batting champ this year, and you didn't miss much by not seeing Jones play 3B...he's still awful.

    If you ever get a chance to watch Brandon Alger pitch (26th rd. pick by the Padres this year) let me know what you think. He was dominant for us this season in school and had a great start at short-season Class A Eugene.

    Hope all is well


  2. Thanks for the feedback Chris.

    Haha about Jones. I actually thought he had a chance to develop into an avg defender (of course, I actually thought he would hit), so it seems like his entire game stalled or just disappeared this year!

    Will keep an eye out for Alger. I think I am going to try and stop and watch one more Padres game to try and get one of their big guys from this year. We will see if he throws.


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