Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31 - Salt River @ Mesa

Got a fairly quick game from Mesa today, thanks in part to it being called after 9 innings with a 2-2 tie.

OF Corey Dickerson (Rockies) - I didn't want to like him while I was out here and still not sure what his ultimate ceiling is, but it is an easy to repeat lefty swing that can work for avg and power when it doesn't get long.  Seen some barrel control from him.  He is limited to LF (and profiles as a fringy defender) and not sure if there is enough offense to offset that.

RHP Luke Putkonen (Tigers) - First look at the righty who pitched in the big leagues this year, he is a tall, athletic guy with long arm and attacks from a H 3/4, SWU.  He worked 93-96, but it played down due to lacking life in the strike zone.  His CH was 84-86 w/ ok armspeed, but he had a tendency to pull the pitch and he showed a 79-81 CB that was a mdm dwnr and slowed his arm slightly for early in the count, but it did show 2-plane break as an out pitch.  Interesting first look, but want to look closer at the delivery.

RHP Evan Marshall (Dbacks) - Still like this guy and he threw a sinking FB at 92-94 w/ a big SL at 82-84 and a SF at 84.  Profiles as a setup guy for me and have seen him fill up the strike zone and get early outs in both outings.

As you are noticing, the writeups are getting shorter.  This is because guys are starting to settle in as what I see them as.  I plan to start finalizing reports this weekend for players who have exited the AFL (this list includes Javier Baez) and for guys who I have a feel for.  These will be posted sporadically and will culminate with an AFL overview post about a week after the AFL has concluded.

Tomorrow, will be heading to Scottsdale to watch them take on Surprise with a first look at Justin Marks and a 2nd look at Chris Gloor.

October 30 Doubleheader

Took in a doubleheader on the 30th and have more notes from the Scottsdale @ Peoria game then the Surprise @ Salt River game.  Below is what I saw:

RHP Robert Cassevah (Angels) - Still is what he is, working with a plus sinking FB at 89-93, up to 94 and showed 2 below avg secondaries in his CT/SL and splitter.

LHP Robbie Erlin (Padres) - First look at the small, athletic left hander and he is a significantly better fit for Petco then Texas, as he is a true finesse lefty without a plus pitch.  He features a solid avg FB at 88-90, up to 92, and paired it with 3 other offspeed pitches, a CH at 79-80 that had gd armspeed and was an above avg weak contact pitch, a SL at 78-81 that was solid avg and a big downer CB w/ gd spin at 71-77 that isn't a strikeout pitch.  Repeatable delivery w/ feel for moving the FB around, he profiles as a back end starter.  He gets high marks for pitchability and will throw any pitch in any count.  Solid lefty.

RHP Michael Tonkin (Twins) - First look at the XL tall, athletic righty who comes at hitters from a L 3/4.  He came at them with a moving FB at 93-95 that had above avg life and paired it with a SL that he threw once and didn't have a lot of break to it.  Has been throwing the ball well here, so hope to catch him again.

OF Slade Heathcott (Yankees) - Swung a real good bat on this day, going 4-5 with 2 triples.  He features a line drive oriented approach with the ability to hit gap to gap.  Getting a clearer look at him and he profiles as a solid avg regular.

RHP Trey Haley (Indians) - Not as electric the last time I saw him, but was 94-96 with life and paired it with a hammer CB at 85-86 when he didn't get around it.  Big time stuff.

RHP Victor Black (Pirates) - Black was the same guy I have seen, electric stuff (96-98 w/ FB, 83-84 w/ power CB) but no command. 

From the night game, got looks at 2 pitchers I hadn't seen:

RHP Ryan Rodebaugh (Rangers) - 89-91 w/ an avg SL at 81-83.  Pretty conventional righty reliever profiles as org depth from this look.

RHP Malcolm Culver (Royals) - 90-94 w/ run and sink and paired it with a short SL at 80 and a CH with a little fade at 82.  He got pissed after giving up the go ahead HR and got up to 94 at that point.  He piques my interest a bit.

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29 - Rafters @ Desert Dogs

Continue to see a lot of the Rafters and they put a hurting on the Desert Dogs, knocking them off 9-2.  Below are some notes:

OF Kevin Pillar (Blue Jays) - Pillar had a pretty big 2012 statistically, but this is the first game of the AFL I have actually seen him hit.  He showed gd barrel control in a pull heavy approach.  Will be curious to continue to see him, as there may be a 4th OF there.

LHP Brian Flynn (Marlins) - My first look at the oversized, physical left hander, I was only able to watch him for an inning and he worked 91-92 w/ a SL that flashed avg at 82-84 and threw one bad CB at 75.  Interesting lefty based on the 1 inning.

RHP Ryan Perry (Nationals) - Similar to the 2nd outing, just pounded the strike zone with FB's and featured the cutter a little more prominently.  I think he is still a reliever, but he has definitely made strides at commanding the strike zone, though he does like to just lay some pitches down the middle in hitter counts.

RHP Cory Rasmus (Braves) - Obviously tiring, as he was 84-88 (as opposed to his usual 88-91) and showed a gd CH at 80-82 and a big CB at 72-74.

RHP Scott McGough (Marlins) - Worked 92-94 w/ a SL at 80-85 that was inconsistent and flashed avg.  Also showed off his plus athleticism with a few nice defensive plays on bunts and comebackers.

LHP Chris Rearick (Rays) - Still doesn't do anything for me, as he worked 86-89 w/ a SL at 79-83 that was just ok.

LHP Santos Rodriguez (White Sox) - Up to 98 today and the slurvy CB flashed plus with hard dwnr action.  Also worked in a CH at 84 that had gd armspeed.  Has improved every outing of the AFL and, while he will never throw a lot of quality strikes, has been around the zone enough to force bad swings on his FB.

RHP Aaron Barrett (Nationals) - Showed more sink to his 90-92 fastball and paired it with a plus SL once again at 83-84.  Can fit as a middle reliever w/ the sinker/slider mix.

RHP Brett Hunter (Athletics) - Struggled badly with command today and was 87-89 (up to 91) w/ run and sink, but no deception and hitters were teeing off.  His SL was a 1-plane breaker at 81-84 and his CH at 82 had a little life, but missed well outside with it. 

RHP Coty Woods (Rockies) - Woods gave up his first hits and runs of the AFL today and was 89-93 w/ hard sink and paired it with a short sweeping SL at 79-82 that had late break and a CH at 82-83 that had gd armspeed and featured later in the inning to elicit swings and misses from righties.  Has a place as a situational reliever.

Tomorrow, will be on double duty.  Will be attending the Scottsdale v Peoria game to see Robert Cassevah a 3rd time, but get to see Robbie Erlin (who was one of the guys I really wanted to see).  Then, will be attending the night game featuring a strong matchup of Kevin Siegrist v Andre Rienzo in Salt River.  Hopefully they will be fast games.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 27 - Peoria @ Surprise

Got a beautiful game yesterday, as the Saguaros knocked off the Javelinas 4-1 in a game that lasted 2 hours and 22 minutes and had an astounding 7 double plays.  Below is what I saw:

OF Nate Roberts (Twins) - Had another 2 hits yesterday to bump his average up to .522.  He puts together quality at bats, but doesn't profile to hit for enough power to play a corner, so will be interested to see him in CF one of these days.

2B Cory Spangenberg (Padres) - Spangenberg hit an oppo HR yesterday that got up in the wind and appeared to be a ball he wanted to pull, but was late and hit it out to LF.  Still don't have a feel for him.

1B Chris McGuiness (Rangers) - He collected another 2 hits today with his pull heavy approach designed to hit line drives and fly balls.  I am not sure if he is going to provide enough production to profile as an everyday 1B, but should have value on a bench.

OF Mike O'Neill (Cardinals) - O'Neill collected another 3 hits today with his slap approach and is another guy that doesn't profile to hit for enough power to play a corner.  Another guy that grinds out at bats and it depends on how he plays in CF for what his ultimate profile would be.

RHP Kyle Simon (Phillies) - The sinkerballer attacked from a L 3/4 arm angle w/ an unathletic delivery that throws across his body.  The sinker is a gd weapon, as it gets groundballs w/ velo at 89-92.  He pairs it with a fringy CH at 83-86 and a cutter at 87 that is developing and showed a little tilt.  Sinker is intriguing, but secondary stuff is behind. 

LHP Caleb Thielbar (Twins) - 2nd look at the lefty and he was 89-93 w/ a SL at 79-82 and a CB at 72-75.  Has a chance to be a 2nd lefty in a pen, but profiles as more emergency depth.

RHP Colby Shreve (Phillies) - Halfway through the outing, decided to switch to 4-seamers and those were 92-94 with a little ride while his 2 seam was 89-92 w/ a little run and sink.  As a reliever, think he would be better served with the 4-seam.  Paired it with an ok SL at 80-83 and a CH at 83.

RHP Carson Smith (Mariners) - 92-95 w/ a frisbee SL at 86-88 and a CH at 87.  Still has the profile as a middle reliever/setup man.

RHP Josh Ravin (Reds) - Worked 98-100 w/ a CH or CT at 88 that didn't do anything and a CB at 77-78.  Still profiles as more of a middle reliever then high leverage reliever, as he is a comfy AB, as he lacks deception and guys square up his velocity routinely.

RHP Boone Whiting (Cardinals) - Whiting is the same guy, adding and subtracting and was 82-92 again with his FB and paired it with a solid avg to above avg CH at 75-81, mdm downer CB at 77-79 and a short SL at 79-80.  Still more of an org guy and the CH wasn't as consistently good as I last saw it last week.

RHP Chris Martin (Red Sox) - 2nd straight game where he showed gd stuff and solid command of it, as he was 91-94 w/ a little cut and paired it with a solid avg SL at 83-85 that flashed above avg.

RHP Pete Ruiz (Red Sox) - This was my 1st look at him and, according to chatter within the stands, was his most electric.  He was 92-96 from a H 3/4 quirky release and paired it with a SL at 81-86 that flashed plus and a potential put away pitch.  Based on this look, there is setup upside if he can develop his command.

RHP Ryan Fraser (Mets) - Like this guy as a solid middle reliever, even though he battled his command more today then I had seen previously.  Worked 91-93 w/ gd angle and sink and paired it with a solid avg SL at 80 that flashed above and below avg and a CH at 85-88 that showed split life at times.

Not sure on what games I am seeing tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26 - Mesa @ Scottsdale

Witnessed history today, as the Solar Sox finally got off the schneid with an 8-4 win at the Scorpions.  Below is what I remember from seeing, as I left my notes at the office again:

1B Jonathan Singleton (Astros) - Singleton popped a 2B and a 3B and his 3B was about a 410 foot shot to CF that would have been a HR at almost anywhere else.  Still a stud muffin.

OF L.J. Hoes (Orioles) - Hoes had 3 hits and shows a line drive bat with an all fields approach.  He is playing either tired or doesn't feel like being here, so it will be interesting to see how slow his times to first get later on in the AFL.

1B Aaron Westlake (Tigers) - Hit a bomb to right field today that was about 400 feet and is swinging the bat better now.  The swing is still long and not sure if there will be consistent success there.

OF Tyler Holt (Indians) - Holt had 2 hits today, but has underwhelmed me, as he lacks a carrying tool and I am not sure yet if he has the ability to play CF.

DH Austin Romine (Yankees) - Romine is back in the AFL and is showing a solid approach with line drive ability and he has some HR power to his pull side and to CF.  Don't think he is an everyday C due to defense, but can definitely have some value in Yankee Stadium.

C Alex Monsalve (Indians) - Monsalve features a true plus arm w/ a long release, which results in solid avg pop times at 1.90.  He features a pull heavy approach with some power and is young enough (19) where he can still figure out some things to be an everyday C.

RHP Jarred Cosart (Astros) - Cosart worked 94-97 w/ a fringy CB at 79-81 and a solid avg CH at 83-85.  He features a wrist wrap in his delivery, which is going to cause some forearm issues (and he has already had some) and going to make it surprising for him to get through a season fully healthy consistently.  The raw stuff is good, but he really struggles to command his pitches.  More of a # 3 starter then a truly elite starter because of the command struggles.

RHP Nick Tropeano (Astros) - A taller version of Cosart, Tropeano attacked hitters with a sinker at 92-93 and a change at 80-82.  He also showed what may have been a cutter at 86.  Interesting first look.

RHP Chia-Jen Lo (Astros) - Lo showed a FB up to 97, but it was paired with a slurvy CB at 77.  Didn't really command his stuff either. 

LHP Chris Gloor (Giants) - The big bodied, appeared 6'8", 250, left hander is a truly finesse pitcher who showed a FB up to 91 and worked 87-89.  He paired it with 3 fringy to below avg offerings in his CH at 80-82, CB at 68-76 and a SL at 78-79.  He understands how to pitch and works the fringes of the zone.  That being said, he is probably not a big leaguer.

RHP Trey Haley (Indians) - The pure arm strength right hander was up to 100 today and showed some life to his FB.  He also featured a 1 plane SL at 85.  It is a max effort delivery with a violent throw, leading questions to his ability to throw consistent strikes.  The arm strength is a big calling card though and will be interesting to see how he is in later outings.

Tomorrow, will be attending the Javelinas at the Saguaros to watch the pitching matchup of Kyle Simon v Boone Whiting.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25 - Phoenix @ Salt River

In a game that featured a total of 23 runners left on base, the Rafters rode a 4 run 6th to a 6-3 win.  Thoughts are below:

OF Josh Prince (Brewers) - Prince leads the AFL in hitting at .455 after a 2-5 day today.  He doesn't show a lot of bat speed and features only 3 power and am not sure where his profile is yet, as this was only my 2nd look.  He wore out Tepera in this game.  Will be curious on his run times, as I have heard he can fly.

SS Hak-Ju Lee (Rays) - Still not swinging a great bat.  He is featuring good speed, getting down the line at 4.25 and then had a well executed drag bunt and got down the line at 3.68.  Not the strongest of players, he is a guy who is likely worn down from the season.  He will need to continue to get stronger to make it through 162 game season without being a streaky player.

1B Kyle Jensen (Marlins) - He is playing RF, but is going to be a 1B, as he shows below avg range in RF and was unimpressed with his arm strength, though he appeared to be throwing just to hit the cut-off man.  He can hit the ball a long way and turned on a ball and hit it almost to the top of the hill at Salt River.  Not sure he is going to hit for much average and isn't the best of athletes, so will be interesting to watch him as we get deeper into the AZL.

OF Christian Yelich (Marlins) - Only saw avg bat speed from him, but showed a short, quick to the ball swing that profiles to hit for avg and enough power for CF, but not enough for a corner.  He is a slenderly built guy, so wouldn't be surprised if he was also tired and will show better speed in season.  Got down the line at 4.15 and profiles as an above average runner.  Very intriguing player who profiles at least as a solid avg regular.

OF Brian Goodwin (Nationals) - Another day, another 3 hits for Goodwin with 2 doubles.  I still see an above avg regular and he has all the tools to be an above avg defender in CF.

2B Carlos Sanchez (White Sox) - Finally looked a little fresher and put together a lot of quality at bats and had the big 3 run double to break the game open.  Was on base 4 of his 5 appearances.  I still think he profiles as a solid avg regular with a chance to be above avg depending on how the power ultimately plays.

1B Andy Wilkins (White Sox) - Still think Wilkins profiles as a solid avg regular and he collected another 2 hits today to raise his average to .395.  Also has some power.  ]

RHP Scott McGough (Marlins) - Arm strength appears to be closer to the Oregon version then the Dodgers version, as he worked 91-94 w/ a CH at 84-88 and a SL at 81-85.  The FB showed run and sink and can work, but profiles as just an average pitch out of the pen and isn't paired with an above avg breaking pitch, with the SL being solid avg when it was 81-83.  Profiles as a middle reliever.

RHP Ryan Tepera (Blue Jays) - Tepera had better pure stuff then the last time I saw him, working 91-94 w/ a SL at 84-87 and a CH at 84-86.  With that said, still didn't see more then a middle reliever and the SL had inconsistent depth.

RHP Lenny Linsky (Rays) - Was a little better on this day then the last time I saw him, but he is never going to throw consistent quality strikes.  Worked 90-93 w/ a SL at 80-82 and ran into another inning that had him leave early with Rasmus cleaning up his mess.

RHP Cory Rasmus (Braves) - On this day, the CH was better and the CB didn't have the same caliber of spin I saw previously.  That being said, there still is not an above avg pitch in his repetoire.  Was 89-92 w/ the CH at 82 and CB at 74.

RHP Cole Kimball (Nationals) - Same guy that is a shadow of his former self.  Was 90-92 w/ a CB at 80-81 that was worse on this day then the previous outing and a better split at 82-83.

RHP Cory Riordan (Rockies) - First look at the tall, athletic well proportioned righty and he was 91-94 w/ a CB at 74, SL at 78-79 and CH at 82.  Used the SL as the out pitch and the CB and CH as get ahead pitches.  Intriguing first look that could profile as a middle reliever w/ an avg SL.

LHP Chris Rearick (Rays) - Rearick was 87-90 w/ a SL at 80-85.  Needs to continue improving the SL to have a shot to stick in a pen.

RHP Kevin Munson (Diamondbacks) - Was a pure thrower today and got yanked after loading the bases.  He was 92-96 w/ sink and a CH at 87-89 that had some dive and appeared to be a potential splitter.  His SL was 84-85 that flashed above avg.  He has all the tools, but lacks consistency with command.

RHP Coty Woods (Rockies) - The sidearmer threw a lot of strikes and was 89-90 with sink that can help him fit into a ROOGY role.  His SL was 78-80 w/ 3/4 tilt and avg depth.  Has the makings of a solid avg pitch.  The CH was 82-83 w/ gd armspeed and can use it to keep lefties off of his FB.  Intriguing righty who has the ability to be a low leverage middle reliever.

RHP James Simmons (Athletics) - The former 1st rounder was 89-92 w/ a CH at 79 and a SL at 84-85.  FB showed better life today, featuring run and sink, though he didn't exhibit the same command as his last outing.  His CH had gd armspeed w/ fade and sink and profiles as a solid avg pitch.  The SL was worse today and was a 1 plane cutter and lacked the depth of the last outing.

Tomorrow, will be heading to Scottsdale to watch Jarred Cosart face off against the mammoth human being from the Giants, Chris Gloor.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24 - Scottsdale @ Mesa

Attended the game between Scottsdale and Mesa at Hohokam and watched Chris Dominguez hit a 3-run HR in the top of the 9th to allow the Scorpions to win 4-3 to extend Mesa's losing streak to 8 games.  Below is what I saw:

DH Chris Dominguez (Giants) - 2nd game of his and he homered an elevated FB to prolong the losing streak of Mesa.  He features a strength based approach and wish I could see him at 3B to get a feel for his defensive ability.  Still not sure what he is at this point.

2B Adalberto Santos (Pirates) - Santos has a thick lower half and homered to left center.  He features a long swing and has a tendency to pull his front shoulder.  He didn't show gd range at 2B and think he profiles more in LF, which I don't think the bat can handle.

1B Aaron Westlake (Tigers) - Westlake is a big, physical 1B whom I graded out as one of the best collegiate 1B available in his draft year.  I am concerned about his swing, as I feel there is some length there with avg bat speed in a strength based approach.  There may not be as much avg there as I thought and will be curious to see him later on to see his approach, as he did hit a nice single off of a left hander.

SS Jiovanni Mier (Astros) - Mier swung the bat well today and barrelled a couple balls down the left field line for doubles.  It is a pull heavy approach from a player who lacks the raw power to be able to be a solid avg offensive player with that approach.  He does appear to be a bit tired at this stage, as his normally reliable glove had an error on a routine ball today.

RHP Kevin Johnson (Angels) - My first look at the big, physical right hander who has the prototypical pitcher build and he featured a sinker at 92-94 w/ gd life and a solid avg to slightly above avg SL at 83-85.  Profiles as a solid avg middle reliever.

RHP Victor Black (Pirates) - More around the zone today and was 97-99 w/ a hammer CB at 82-86.  If he can pitch around the zone and miss down, he can have value in a MLB pen, although he likely won't be as important as his stuff, as I really question his ability to throw consistent strikes.

RHP Kevin Rhoderick (Cubs) - The former Oregon State closer has lost velocity from his FB, now pitching 91-92, but has seen no gain in command.  This really limits his ceiling despite 2 avg to above avg offspeed pitches in his SL (81-85 - late breaking sweeper, sometimes gets too big and easy to foul off) and his CH (81-82 - tendency to slow arm down, but features split like mvmt).  A true max effort delivery with minimal feel for the strike zone.

October 23 - Surprise @ Salt River

Forgot my notes at the office, but here is a brief report on the game last night between the Saguaros and Rafters, which the Saguaros won 5-4 in 10 innings.

2B Kolten Wong (Cardinals) - Wong once again had a multi-hit game going 3-5 for 3 RBI, upping his average to .385.  He continues to show good average ability, but hasn't quite changed my opinion of him yet and still think he is more of a .280-.290 hitter with 10-12 homers.

OF Brian Goodwin (Nationals) - Goodwin made a mental mistake in this game by getting picked off 1st base a trail runner in the bottom of the 9th.  But, that is the only mistake I have seen him make in 3 looks at him.  He homered again last night and continued to work quality at bats and showed ability to barrel the ball.  Still a big fan of him.

1B Matt Skole (Nationals) - Skole hit a moonshot 2-run HR to right field and showed above avg bat speed.  I am not sure if he is an everyday player, but he is a big leaguer for me, likely as a positionally flexible player who can play each of the 4 corners.

RHP Seth Blair (Cardinals) - I was amazed that this was the same pitcher that was the Arizona State ace.  He has appeared to have lost a lot of weight and features a closer to high effort delivery.  His overall stuff was different as well, as he featured a plus FB at 93-95 w/ gd life and paired it with a power CB at 83-87 and what appeared to be an occasional CH at 87-88.  It doesn't look like a starter delivery, but it can have an impact in the middle to back-end of the bullpen.  Intriguing stuff and will be excited to take another look again.

RHP Ryan Perry (Nationals) - The former stalwart of the Tigers pen, he is in the AFL to work as a starter and fired 4 perfect innings and didn't give up much.  He featured a FB up to 97 and paired it with a slurve (after awhile, I changed my charted pitch from SL to CB) that flashed avg.  He also used a cutter at 91 on occasion and a CH in the mid 80's.  I think it is still a reliever, but he showed feel for throwing quality strikes.

RHP Evan Marshall (Diamondbacks) - My first look at Marshall since his days at Kansas State, he featured a sinker that bored in on righties at 92-94 and threw one splitter at 85.  The sinker is impressive and look forward to seeing his SL in later outings.

RHP Eric Smith (Diamondbacks) - Smith was a former starter who has moved to the pen and shows an above avg pitch in his sinker at 92-94.  While he lacks the hard bore of Marshall, he features a little more sink and loves to pitch in.  He is still refining his other pitches, as his SL was more of a 1 plane breaker.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/20 - Javelinas @ Desert Dogs

Attended another fun game at Phoenix, where the Desert Dogs scored 8 unanswered runs to win 12-11 with a walkoff single from Max Stassi.  Below is what I saw today:

OF Rymer Liriano (Padres) - People have been telling me that Liriano had changed, he had figured things out and I didn't believe them.  I am now converted.  It helps when you hit a 420 foot bomb to CF on a ball squared up in a simple swing with above avg to plus bat speed.  He is a very physical kid who fits the prototype for RF.  He is much more under control then he used to be and appears to keep himself in position to hit a breaking ball.  He did look bad on his strikeout today, but the tools are there for an above avg major league corner OF.

3B Stefen Romero (Mariners) - Romero continued to rake, collecting 3 hits today including an absolute bomb to LF.  He also played 3B today and made a nice diving play to his right to throw out a runner in the 1st inning.  However, he has a quirky release with a fringy arm, which is why the Mariners were trying to teach him 2B.  The bat has immense value, so I believe he can be a passable 3B at least, especially in a park where his approach and offensive ability would hold so much value.

SS Didi Gregorius (Reds) - Gregorious is a long, slenderly built middle IF who did some nice things today, showing barrel control and line drive ability to go with a package that can stay at SS with nice hands and an above avg arm w/ gd carry.  Very intriguing potential SS for Cincy.

1B Brock Kjeldgaard (Brewers) - Another 1 trick pony, similar to Derrik Lutz, Kjeldgaard has big power and hit his 4th home run as a taxi squad player (only plays on Wednesdays and Saturdays).  He is a big, physical player who generates his power more from his excellent raw strength then bat speed.  He has a better swing then Lutz, but doesn't project to hit for a lot of avg, though you can see him hitting enough to stick in the majors.  Intriguing first look.

2B Tim Beckham (Rays) - Beckham hit a homer to CF that got in the jetstream and carried out.  He showed better offensively today, making adjustments from pitch to pitch and staying within himself with 2 strikes by lining a base hit to RF with 2 strikes.  There is a major leaguer in there, but it won't ever be a package worthy of the # 1 pick.

3B Richie Shaffer (Rays) - First look at Shaffer and he showed better defensively then offensively on this day.  Range is a question mark for me right now, but he features plus arm strength w/ gd carry in a release that will need to be quickened.  Offensively, he was never comfortable today, but showed some of his raw power on a foul ball down the LF line.  Will be curious to watch him as we move further.

LHP James Paxton (Mariners) - First look at Paxton and he was ok on this day.  His FB was fine, working 92-95 with ride in a long arm action.  His CB showed flashes at 79-81 as a tight mdm downer, but he buried it during warmups and struggled to finish the pitch in the game.  His CH was 84-85 w/ gd sink and generated a few swings and misses and profiles as a solid avg pitch.  He is similar to Cosart to me, where he would have a lot of value as a reliever and the key will be to determine if you want a guy who is probably never going to stay healthy for a full season as a starter.  I see him more as a # 3 right now then a # 2, but am sure my mind will be swayed if he shows better feel for a CB.

RHP Shawn Haviland (Athletics) - Haviland really struggled on this day and left the game with an apparent injury.  He was 88-91 w/ run and sink, though it flattened out at times and paired it with a mdm downer CB at 74-76, a CH at 81-83 w/ gd armspeed with fade and sink and an ok cutter at 85-87.  Not a lot there judging from this outing, especially in an org with as much pitching as the Athletics have.

RHP Lenny Linsky (Rays) - Linsky had to bite the bullet today after the Haviland injury and he got absolutely hammered.  He was 91-93 w/ a little ride and a gd dwnd angle that he struggled to throw for strikes and a SL at 81-85 that was an early breaker and hitters teed up w/o problem.  If he has FB command, he can be effective, but he has a max effort delivery w/ head violence and his overall cmmd ceiling is low.  Will be curious to watch over the course of the AFL season.

RHP Carson Smith (Mariners) - Velo wasn't as high as it was during the season, but Smith was a godsend on a day where the bats ruled.  He has a max effort delivery that is going to blow out at some point, whether it is next season or 3 seasons from now, so you hope you get contributions from him at the big league level.  He was 91-95 with a little sink and paired it with a CH at 85-88 w/ gd armspeed and some late diving action and a SL at 83-84 that had some sweep and tilt.  Solid avg middle reliever w/ upside of setup reliever.

RHP Cory Rasmus (Braves) - Didn't do much to stand out, working with an above avg CB at 72-74 that was a tight mdm downer and potential swing and miss pitch.  His other pitches, (FB at 89-90 and CH at 83) were fringy to below avg. 

LHP Jay Johnson (Phillies) - The 2nd lefty in a pen wannabe worked from a L 3/4 to sidearm release and featured a FB at 88-91 w/ some boring actoin, a sweeping SL at 83-84 that has potential to work in the big leagues and a CH at 83 that won't be a factor for him as he moves up despite it having some potential.  He has the ability to throw in a big league pen. 

LHP Chris Rearick (Rays) - Rearick is a tall, athletic lefty w/ a H 3/4 release.  He worked 87-88 w/ a CH at 80-81 and a SL at 81-82.  He doesn't really have an avg pitch, as the FB didn't have enough life to offset the lack of velo and his CH and SL were more fringy then avg, though his SL flashed avg with 3/4 tilt and avg depth.

LHP Caleb Thielbar (Twins) - Thielbar was a lefty that was just there and didn't really have an out pitch despite a solid avg CB at 70-71 that was a big downer w/ gd spin and buckled some knees early in the count.  The rest of his repetoire (FB at 90-91, I believe a SL at 79 and a CH at 81) was pretty mediocre.

LHP Bobby LaFramboise (Mariners) - The 2nd lefty wannabe doesn't have the pitch necessary to get major league lefties out consistently, working 86-88 w/ a sweeping SL at 76 and a CH at 78.  Didn't see an avg pitch there.

RHP James Simmons (Athletics) - The former Athletics 1st round pick came out and threw the ball pretty well, working 87-92 with his FB with a little run and sink and paired it with a CT/SL at 84-85 that had some late break and inconsistent depth.  Still not a guy, but has a chance to continue to build on it to become a middle reliever.

RHP Gary Daley (Rockies) - My 2nd look at Daley, he worked 91-93 w/ a FB that consistently had some cut action to it and consider his primary FB a cutter.  His CB at 83 is a power mdm downer that has a chance as an out pitch.  Probably more of a middle reliever.

RHP Tyler Knigge (Phillies) - Knigge took the loss today and featured a power FB at 93-95 w/ a little ride and paired it with a SL at 83-85 that had tight 3/4 tilt and late break.  He got hit today because he was elevating his pitches a bit too much and devolved into a thrower at times.  Profiles as a potential setup guy.

10/19 - Saguaros @ Javelinas

Peoria took the night game against Surprise by a score of 3-2.  Was my first look at the Javelinas.

2B Kolten Wong (Cardinals) - Wong showed pull power today by turning on a fastball and hitting it over the right field wall.  He still profiles as a .280-.290 hitter w/ 10-12 homers.

1B Donald Lutz (Reds) - Lutz is your proto 1B build, as he is a tall, strong, round guy.  He shows power to all fields, including driving a fastball up and away out to right field.  He profiles as a 1 trick pony with above avg power.  His swing has a lot of action, so he isn't going to hit for a lot of avg.  He is a below avg defender who doesn't cover a lot of ground.  My first impression is more AAA slugger then contributing big leaguer.

2B Stefen Romero (Mariners) - Romero is a straight hitter, working all fields approach with the 2nd best barrel control after Nick Castellanos that I have seen.  He laced balls to all fields and profiles to have 15-20 homers as well.  He DH'd on this day, but overheard that he hasn't looked good in the field, so will be interested to see it myself at some point.

RHP J.C. Sulbaran (Royals) - Sulbaran's stuff has taken a step back since he was drafted and looked to be holding back to pace himself.  He worked 86-89 w/ gd angle and a little run and sink and paired it with an above avg straight CH at 77-78.  He also threw a slurvy CB at 75-76.  Maybe he will be something as a reliever when he can let it go.  This was also his first outing, so his velo may pick up in later starts.

RHP Tim Crabbe (Reds) - The tall, athletic right hander didn't feature a pitch I really liked and was just there.  He worked 88-91 with little life in the zone, a CB at 76-78 that was probably his best pitch, which was a mdm downer, a SL at 84-85 that backed up consistently and a CH at 80-82 w/ ok armspeed.  Org guy.

RHP Ryan Fraser (Mets) - My first look at the reliever, he is a tall, athletic guy with a well proportioned build.  He worked 92-95 with a little run and paired it with a solid avg SL at 81 with 3/4 tilt and a CH at 88 w/ a little sink and was too firm.  Interesting guy with the FB/SL and will be curious to see how the command is in future outings.

RHP Josh Ravin (Reds) - Ravin features big velo, working 96-99.  However, his FB is very true and plays down due to that and his lack of deception.  He paired it with a CB at 76-77 that flashed 2 plane break and a little cutter at 88.  Probably more of a potential middle relief guy w/ his command concerns.

RHP Drew Hayes (Reds) - Hayes is a former Vandy closer who has potential be a solid middle reliever w/ a sinking FB at 92-94 and pairs it with an above avg SL at 83-86 and a CH at 85-88 w/ a little sink.  Will be curious to see how he performs in future looks.

LHP Josh Spence (Padres) - Spence is a guy who is nowhere close to what he used to be and isn't a prospect anymore.  He was 81-82 w/ an assortment of pitches, mainly featuring a late breaking SL at 74-76.  Not a prospect at this stage.

RHP Colby Shreve (Phillies) - Tall, athletic w/ a round butt and some growth left.  Pretty typical righty.  Worked 90-92 w/ gd dwnd angle and paired it with a gradual SL at 81 and a CH at 83 w/ straight.  Not sure what is there.

RHP Curtis Partch (Reds) - The big bodied right hander was 95-97 w/ a SL at 83-88.  His FB has gd ride in the zone, but lacks deception while his SL has late break w/ 3/4 tilt.  He profiles as a potential setup reliever.

Heading to Phoenix today to watch Peoria (James Paxton) try to knock off the Desert Dogs (Shawn Haviland).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18 - Saguaros @ Desert Dogs

The Saguaros and Desert Dogs ended in a 2-2 tie today after a WP forced in the tying run in the top of the 9th.  Pretty bland game besides me getting stung by a couple of bees, which is fantastic.  I was on camera duty today, which meant I was focused more on getting the Desert Dogs body types and learning guys swings.  So, there is minimal scouting info today.

C Christian Vazquez (Red Sox) - The short stocky catcher went 3-4 with a double.  He is a line drive, gap to gap approach hitter who doesn't have a lot of power.  Offensively, he doesn't project to do a whole lot.  However, he is a special defender who had a 1.81 pop time on a caught stealing and then duplicated it between innings.  He does it with a very quick release and above avg arm.  He profiles as a backup C.

RHP Jimmy Nelson (Brewers) - Saw one inning of Nelson's 3 and he wasn't as good as I have seen.  He was 88-91 w/ good sink to the FB and showed his solid avg SL.  I have seen him up to 95 in shorter stints.

RHP Brett Hunter (Athletics) - Pretty disappointing, as he was 88-91 with some sink and deception and a below avg SL at 83-84  Not much to take from that outing.

Tomorrow, I will be at Peoria for one of the night games to witness the pitching matchup of J.C. Sulbaran (AFL Debut) and Tim Crabbe.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/17 - Solar Sox @ Scorpions

Returned to Scottsdale for the night game, which Scottsdale won 5-2 on the strength of 5 shutout innings from Pirates prospect Kyle Kaminska.  Observations are below:

OF L.J. Hoes (Orioles) - Got my first look at Hoes and he did some positive things and some negative things.  His bat speed was apparent, as he ripped a single to left center off a 96 mph FB from Victor Black and showed the ability to track the ball in RF.  He didn't hustle out of the box though and would consistently take 3 hard steps then shut it down.  Whether that is a deeper issue or a fatigue issue, we will find out.

1B Ricky Oropesa (Giants) - Oropesa features avg bat speed from a strong, physical frame.  He features above avg raw power, though he gets it more strength then bat speed.  He struggles with pitches on the inner half and prefers to extend his hands.  He homered tonight on a CH from Rhee (threw him way too many over the course of 2 AB's) and it will be interesting to see how he profiles as I get more looks at him.

RHP Dae-Eun Rhee (Cubs) - The Korean threw the ball as well as he has thrown it all year.  He featured a FB at 90-92 w/ run and sink that had occasional late run to go with a CH at 79-84 that was solid avg w/ gd armspeed and mvmt (fade and sink, sometimes hard fade and sink) and a CB at 74-79 with gd spin and avg depth.  Still, he is probably not a big leaguer.

RHP Kyle Kaminska (Pirates) - Kaminska is a sinker baller who worked 88-91 with the pitch, but it didn't feature big time mvmt or velocity.  He paired it with a SL at 83-84 that got better as the game went on (broke later) and a CH at 83-86 that had gd armspeed and looked like a CH out of his hand.  He pounded the strike zone and generated a lot of soft groundballs to Cowart at 3B.  Profile is more of an emergency starter then a consistent big leaguer, though the stuff could play up out of the pen.

3B Kaleb Cowart (Angels) - While he is still struggling with his timing offensively (oppo oriented approach and can't tell if it because he is consistently late with his foot or because he is loading too deep with his hands to generate power), but he is a plus defender at 3B.  He featured the ability to make plays on the run with plus arm strength and a reliable glove.  He has a tendency to do no look stabs, but his hands are so good that the glove always gets the ball.  Still waiting for the offense to match the reports and the player I saw last year, but the tools are there.

LHP Alex Sogard (Astros) - 89-91 w/ a CB at 75-78 and a CH at 78 that slipped out of his hand.  Stuff was pretty marginal tonight and struggled to command.

RHP Shawn Armstrong (Indians) - Still a big fan and he was 94-96 and loves to pitch inside.  He paired it with a SL/CT (more like a cutter on this night after looking more like a SL his previous outing) at 89-90 and a CB at 83.  He may need to learn to get more differential to his stuff to generate the swings and misses that it should.  He also lacks life in the zone and deception, so his FB will play down at times.

RHP Tyler Clark (Tigers) - My first look at the Tigers reliever, he was 90-93 w/ gd deception but little life.  He paired it with a CH at 81-83 that he was pulling and slowing his arm down slightly on.

RHP Mark Montgomery (Yankees) - Established the FB in this outing and was the same guy, but was able to throw the SL in counts where hitters would chase.  Was 91-93 w/ the SL at 83-85.

LHP Chris Petrini (Orioles) - My first look at the Orioles reliever, he worked 90-92 w/ a little life (though inconsistent) and paired it with an above avg SL at 80-82.  He has a shot as a 2nd lefty in a pen thanks to the SL, but will need to learn to throw more strikes with the FB.  Still a bit of a thrower.

RHP Jacob Dunnington (Giants) - He weighs 160 pounds and that is not a lie.  He looks like he has never seen a weight room.  That being said, this is a guy to watch until he blows out from his max effort delivery.  He was electric on this night, working with a FB at 92 that had ride with a quick arm that could add velo if his frame could support more weight (hint, it can't).  He paired it with 2 plus breaking pitches, a SL at 78-79 that had late break and frisbee action to it and a CB at 74-77 that was a true knee buckler.  His issue is he threw the CB from a different slot, which will not work at higher levels.  He can still be a FB/SL reliever and a high leverage guy at that.  Promising first look.

RHP Tony Zych (Cubs) - Threw a 60 on Zych coming out and felt a little better after watching him tonight.  He features excellent deception due to his short arm action and glove action and causes his FB at 95-96 to play up.  He has good life on the pitch, with run and sink and paired it with a SL at 83-86 that was tight w/ inconsistent depth and flashed above avg.  Just needs to continue refining the SL.

RHP Victor Black (Pirates) - Black has electric stuff from an over the top release, working 95-97 and a power mdm downer CB w/ tight spin at 81-84.  His delivery is max effort and he has a glove tap with the ball that was causing his timing to be off early on.  His main struggle was not getting over his front side and drifting a bit on the rubber.  He walked guys early (and we joked it was to face Castellanos and Singleton) and it turned out it may have been the case.  He made Castellanos look silly (chased a 0-1 CB buried) and struck him out on 3 pitches.  He then won a great at bat against Singleton by throwing his hammer on the inside corner after Singleton fought off a number of tough pitches to strike him out.  Intriguing guy and will be curious to see how his command is in future outings.

LHP Dan Runzler (Giants) - After Black needed 30 pitches, AFL veteran Dan Runzler worked 93-94 to strike out George Springer.

Tomorrow, will be heading to Phoenix to watch Jimmy Nelson face off against the Surprise Saguaros and Joe Van Meter.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/16 - Saguaros @ Scorpions

Attended the Surprise Saguaros against the Scottsdale Scorpions today.  Surprise capitalized on 7 runs in the first 2 innings to win 11-3. 

Below is some of what I saw (left my notes at the office):

2B Kolten Wong (Cardinals) - My first look at Wong and, after looking at the boxscore, appeared to be the player of the game after going 4-4 with a 2B and 2 RBI.  He didn't really hit any balls hard though, just found holes.  He features avg to slightly above avg bat speed in a slight uppercut swing.  I think he is going to hit for solid avg (.280) and hit 10-12 HR's while playing solid avg defense.  I anticipate the avg grade will rise the more I see.  Defensively, he misplayed one ball by putting himself in a bad position on the hops and profiles as a solid avg defensive 2B.

1B Chris McGuinness (Rangers) - McGuinness features a non-physical 1B build (picture James Loney as opposed to Jack Cust).  He does generate bat speed and has pull power, as he hit his 3rd HR (and 2nd I saw) to right center field.  He appears to have pull power and really jumps on balls elevated out over the plate.  I still don't have a great feel for him after 2 games.

C Kellin Deglan (Rangers) - I was real excited to see him, but he is physically not ready for this league.  He is very slender and doesn't have a lot of muscle.  This will come more into play as the season wears on.  He features below avg bat speed and struggled to barrel balls.  He also featured below avg arm strength with consistent 2.0 pop times between innings.

OF Slade Heathcott (Yankees) - Heathcott has a low hand position, almost beginning his swing with his hands next to his belt.  He hangs in well against lefties and shows solid plate discipline.  He is still a work in project in RF, as he really struggled to track the ball, which resulted in what should have been one error and then nearly dropped a 2nd fly ball after not knowing where he was in relation to the wall.  Interesting player who shows enough speed to play in CF on a normal team, so will be interesting to see his routes and tracking ability later in the AFL.

RHP Boone Whiting (Cardinals) - Whiting was a godsend in this game, as he threw just 56 pitches to work 3.1 IP and get the game on a decent pace.  He featured a FB at 82-92 (no joke, he added and subtracted, he really enjoyed throwing BP FB's in hitter counts.  This sounds crazy, but really screws with a hitters timing), a CH at 75-79 and a SL at 78-81 that would devolve into a CB at the lower ends of the spectrum.  Pitches to contact and has an idea of how to pitch with a solid repetoire and you can never count those guys out.

RHP Greg Peavey (Mets) -   The former Oregon State ace, I got my first look at him as a pro.  He threw 2 strong innings out of the pen.  He has a rough arm action that puts a lot of pressure on his shoulder and elbow with a major stab in the back of his circle.  He attacked with 3 quality pitches, with the SL being the best, though it got too big at times.

RHP Ryan Pressly (Red Sox) - Pressly came out throwing ched with a 4 pitch mix from a mdm, sturdy build.  Featuring good present strength, he got up to 97 and worked consistently at 95-96.  Of his 3 off speed pitches, the CB appeared to be the one he was most comfortable with at 81-83.  The SL/CT and CH were still developing.  Intriguing arm.

RHP Dellin Betances (Yankees) - Got rushed out there thanks to Nuding's struggles and, after a rough intro, settled in and threw the ball well.  His stuff wasn't as electric as it was the last time I saw him, but he continued to throw strikes and use his extension to his benefit.  The SL was a bit slurvier, even throwing one that I would have called a power CB and he threw more CH's and it flashed avg.  He ended up leaving the game with an apparent blister issue.

RHP Heath Hembree (Giants) - Also not as electric as last time I saw him, he was up to 97, but wasn't as fine with his location.  The SL continued to be solid avg and threw one that was above. 

LHP Sam Freeman (Cardinals) - Freeman displayed the rest of his repetoire.  In addition to a FB up to 97, he worked in a tight SL/CT that had a little tilt to it and a CH where he slowed his arm down a bit.  He is going to settle in as a 3 pitch reliever (FB, CB, SL) and just needs to develop better FB command (tendency to miss up in the zone) to reach a ceiling as a special lefty who could close.

RHP Brandon Cumpton (Pirates) - Finally got a look at Cumpton and he got thrown off his game by having to replace Betances without warming up.  He settled in with a FB at 91-93 and worked in a CB that was better in warmups, but a slurve in the game and a SL at 84 that he lost to his gloveside consistently.  Will be anxious to see him in a more conventional outing.

Tomorrow, I will be attending the night game between Mesa (Rhee) and Scottsdale (Kaminska).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Amateur Player - William Abreu

Abreu, William
Position: LF/RF
Draft Year: 2013
Times Seen: PG National (3 Games), Team USA (3 Games)
Height/Weight: 6'3", 195 - appears closer to 205.
Bats/Throws: L/L
State: FL
College Commitment: Miami
Body Type: Close to mature mdm, athletic build w/ gd present strength and strong thighs.
  • All Fields Approach
  • Line drive machine projects as .290 hitter
  • Future above avg arm strength
  • Instinctive w/ ability to take extra bases
  • Avg raw power
  • Below avg power for corner OF
  • Still developing breaking ball and strike zone recognition
  • Head violence on throws affects accuracy
  • Below avg runner once frame is mature
  • Timing of swing
HS OF projects to be corner OF w/ plus avg ability.  Close to mature mdm, athletic build w/ gd present strength.  Straight on, slight crouch w/ high hand location.  Shift of weight, load and stride.  Gd timing in BP doesn't translate to games yet.
SL Uppercut w/ avg bat speed.  Repeatable swing.  LD Oriented, projects to use all fields.  Avg raw power w/ below avg game power for corner OF.  Learning strike zone, tendency to expand for fastballs elevated.  Sees spin, will handle velo with reps.
Projects below avg runner w/ avg routes and jumps.  Above avg arm w/ fringy accuracy.  Profiles as avg defensive OF in either corner.
Instinctive players gets most out of tools.  Quality baserunner will take the extra base.  Will lose tick of speed as matures, still have ability to steal 10 bags on instincts.
Intriguing lefty stick w/ the development of power determining ultimate role (starter or 4th OF).  Concerns L on L.
1-Sentence Synopsis
Corner OF w/ above avg hit tool whose ultimate ceiling will be based on the development of his raw power to game power.
Grade (with upside, projection and comp when applicable)
45 - 4th OF (with upside of solid avg starter)
.280-.340-.420 w/ 10-12 HR's and solid avg defense
MLB Comp - Gerardo Parra

Sunday, October 14, 2012

AFL Update

Been extremely swamped this week with work and then moving into my new place of residence.

Now that I am settled, I hope to get back to daily posts.  For now, here is what I have seen from the Arizona Fall League:

1B Jonathan Singleton (Astros) - Saw him play in 2 straight games and he has a mdm, athletic build w/ some looseness to him, which is why I think the Phillies tried to play him in LF.  His bat will need to carry him, as he is still learning the 1B position defensively despite his above avg athleticism.  He has a tendency to attack too much and create problems with the angle for his flips to the pitcher.  Has the tools to be an above avg defender with more understanding of 1B.  Offensively, he features plus bat speed in a repeatable swing that will hit for avg.  He also shows above avg raw power and has a profile as a middle of the order hitter.  Right now, I think he is a .300-.355-.520 type player.

SS Javier Baez (Cubs) - I was at the game where Baez hit his 450+ foot HR and he generates the best bat speed I have seen out here.  He has a loose body with gd strength in his forearms and shouldn't outgrow SS.  It is a special bat for power, as he can be a 30+ HR guy in the majors.  His breaking ball recognition development in the next 2 years will determine what he offers in the other phases of the game.  The bat will play at any position, though he was incredibly raw at 3B in the 2nd game I saw.

3B Anthony Rendon (Nationals) - Seen Rendon play twice and he hasn't done much either game, but he appears to be healthy and just getting his timing back.  He has a deep hand load (though not as deep as Kaleb Cowart) and shows above avg bat speed with an up the middle approach.  While he doesn't have the look of a lineup cornerstone yet, he does profile as a 5 hole hitter to me and I am sure he will continue to look better as the AFL season continues.

OF Nick Castellanos (Tigers) - Castellanos is playing RF out here and he is still learning how to read flyballs and it is going to take time for him to be an avg OF.  I have seen a couple of times where he gets a very late jump, but is able to use his athleticism to make a diving catch.  He has the best barrel control of any hitter I have seen out here and just has a knack for lining the ball gap to gap.  He is going to hit for avg with 15-20 HR's and reminds me a bit of Hunter Pence with how unconventional the swing is.  I think he is going to comp very closely with Pence as his career unfolds.

2B Ryan Goins (Blue Jays) - Seen quite a bit of Goins and like what I have seen.  He has been playing SS, but I don't think he can play it as an everyday SS due to his lack of lateral mobility (teams usually want SS with better then solid avg range), but has the defensive chops to be a gold glove 2B.  He has a plus glove and does a great job of keeping his body under control and will make all the routine plays.  He also features an above avg arm.  Offensively, he has a line drive approach  and a little pull power.  He has struggled out here in L on L matchups and likely fits better as a valuable utility IF (can play SS) and platoon player.

RHP Mike Wright (Orioles) - Struggled in his 1st outing, but was working 92-95 w/ a CH at 80-82 and a SL at 82-86.  He lacks deception, so hitters see the ball real well against him.  He didn't show an avg secondary pitch and will be interested to see how his stuff looks in later dates.

RHP Chase Anderson (Diamondbacks) - Anderson is a slightly built righty who lives off an above avg CH at 80-82 that generated some swings and misses.  Outside of that pitch, he really doesn't bring anything else to the table, as he was 90-93 w/ sink in addition to a cutter at 86-87 and a CB at 77-78.  Could profile as a middle reliever or emergency starter.

RHP Nick Struck (Cubs) - Just another right handed reliever without an above avg pitch.  He featured 3 fringy to avg pitches in a FB at 90-92, CB at 79-82 and a CH at 80-82. 

LHP Alex Sogard (Astros) - I graded Sogard out as a 40, which is essentially a cup of coffee type player.  He hasn't quite developed as I saw based on the outing I saw, as he featured a FB at 88-91 w/ a CH at 77-79 and a CB at 74-75.  I thought the CB would be solid avg from the amateur report, but it wasn't on this day.  He creates a lot of deception and hides the ball well, so there is still hope he can be a 2nd lefty in a pen.

RHP Salvador Sanchez (White Sox) - Sanchez attacks from a 3/4 release w/ a FB at 90-93 and a SL at 82-86.  Just another right handed reliever who doesn't generate the sink from the FB or much of a SL. 

RHP Clay Schrader (Orioles) - The 5'11" reliever is a pure thrower who showed little ability to command his stuff (FB at 91-94, CB at 79-81 and a CH at 82), though the FB has solid sink and the CB is a power pitch.  Has the stuff to pitch in a big league pen if he can develop a semblance of command.

RHP Sam Dyson (Blue Jays) - I was really high on him coming out of South Carolina and was excited to see him in person.  He features a plus pitch in his power sinker at 94-96 that explodes out of his hand.  That is all he really has to use however, as his SL is very inconsistent and will flash avg on occasion and his CH is usable, but not really an out pitch.  Probably more of a solid avg middle reliever now.

LHP Isaiah Froneberger (Rockies) - Froneberger looks exactly like Ray King, but didn't show much feel for his stuff in the 2 games I saw and worked 90-93 w/ a power CB and power CH.  High effort pitcher needs to learn to slow down and stay under control in his delivery.

LHP Matt Hoffman (Tigers) - Hoffman has dropped down to try and become a 2nd lefty in a pen, but has maintained his power stuff (91-94 w/ SL at 82-85).  SL is still below avg, but is getting closer to being a weapon for him in a big league pen.

RHP Taylor Thompson (White Sox) - Thompson is your typical right handed reliever featuring a FB at 90-92 and a SL at 81-83.  The SL is a late breaker that should be able to play in a middle relief role if he can continue to refine his command.

RHP Kevin Munson (Diamondbacks) - Surprised Munson struggled so much in the Southern League this year after seeing him in the fall last year.  Stuff is still electric, with a hard FB at 93-95 and a SL at 86 that has tight 3/4 tilt and is a plus pitch.  Command has also taken a step forward.  Still profiles as a high leverage reliever.

OF Brian Goodwin (Nationals) - Goodwin has jumped out with his quality approach, bat speed and pull power.  Very advanced offensive player profiles as a special top of the order hitter with the ability to work walks and line the ball gap to gap.  Is also a plus defender in CF with good routes and reactions.  Profiles as an above avg CF w/ .290-.370-.430 line.

RHP Andre Rienzo (White Sox) - Rienzo was pretty electric and looked to me like a better version of Carlos Torres.  He was 93-94 w/ inconsistent life on a fairly true FB to go with 2 plus pitches in his hard 86-88 cutter that he used as an out pitch and his power CB at 78-80 that has late break.  Also threw a CH at 84-85 that was below average.  Not sure if he is a starter, but he definitely has a big league future.

RHP Robert Cassevah (Angels) - Cassevah attacked with a sinker at 89-92 and a tight SL at 84-85.  Also worked in a splitter at 82-84.  Doesn't do much for me.

RHP Dellin Betances (Yankees) - The XL tall pitcher showed a better delivery then I expected (though it is a violent throw).  He is never going to have avg command of his stuff, but he was 91-95 w/ an explosive FB with late life to pair with a plus SL at 82-85 that generated all sorts of bad swings.  He even showed a fringy CH at 82.  If he can ever miss down as opposed to up, he can help a big league squad. 

LHP Santos Rodriguez (White Sox) - Rodriguez is a big arm, working 93-96 w/ a slurve at 80 and a CH at 84-86.  He doesn't have any idea where the ball is going when he releases it and will need to continue to develop his command and work on staying on his backside.  Has the tools to be a primary lefty in the pen, similar to Matt Thornton, but may also need a lot of time.

RHP Cole Kimball (Nationals) - Kimball was nowhere near what he used to be.  When I left the Nats, he was 93-95 w/ a hammer CB and an above avg SF.  Now, he was 89-91 w/ a mdm downer CB at 78-81 that broke early and his SF had minimal life at 82.

RHP Paul Demny (Nationals) - Demny was 89-91 w/ a CH at 83-85 and a SL at 77-79.  Doesn't have an avg pitch, but worked the fringes very well.  That being said, there isn't much there.

RHP Shawn Armstrong (Indians) - I am a huge Armstrong fan, as he was 94-96 (up to 97) w/ ride, although he had little life in the zone.  Offspeed wise, he featured a true SL at 88-91 w/ tight 3/4 tilt and a power CB at 82-85 with mdm depth.  He didn't generate the swings and misses expected from the stuff he had, but you can see it coming eventually.  Also was able to flash the ability to locate the ball to both corners.  Guy to watch.

RHP Mark Montgomery (Yankees) - Montgomery was 91-93 w/ a little run and sink and a SL at 82-85.  He throws a ton of SL's and really isolates his elbow in his delivery, which means he is going to blow out at some point.  Would like to see him establish the FB early (plays up due to gd deception) and then go to the SL.

RHP Deck McGuire (Blue Jays) - He is coming out of the pen here and the stuff is what it used to be as a starter at Georgia Tech, as he was 88-90 w/ a CH at 80 and a SL at 84.  Both pitches looked to be fringy to solid avg.

RHP Heath Hembree (Giants) - Hembree was 92-95 w/ a sweepy SL at 84.  He located the pitch and it jumps out of his hand and appeared to be harder then that velo (more 96-97ish).  Profiles as a high leverage reliever and potentially a setup man.

LHP Kevin Siegrist (Cardinals)- Siegrist throws across his body and generates excellent deception and was unhittable in his first start.  He worked 91-93 w/ late run in on lefties and paired it with a CH at 83 and a SL at 80-81.  Want to see him again, as he may have also been throwing a CB and I want to focus more on if the delivery can work as a starter.

RHP Ryan Tepera (Blue Jays) - Tepera is just another righty, working 90-92 w/ a little sink and paired it with 2 below avg secondary offerings in his SL (81-83) and CH (84-86).  CH is the better secondary and was generating some swings and misses.

RHP Brock Huntzinger (Red Sox) - Huntzinger worked w/ 3 below avg to fringy pitches in his FB at 89-92, SL at 83 and CH at 78-82.  CH was his go to pitch and loved to throw it R on R.

RHP Ian Kadish (Blue Jays) - Kadish struggled in his AFL debut, working 90-92 w/ a CH at 83.  He lacked command and really struggled.

LHP Jimmy Reyes (Rangers) - Reyes was intriguing, working 90-91 w/ a little ride and appeared to be more 93-94 with the deception he generated.  He didn't show much feel for a SL at 80-83 that was a bit sweepy and short and paired it with a CH at 79-81 that was a solid avg pitch.  He will need to develop the SL to be more then a 2nd lefty in a pen.

RHP Aaron Barrett (Nationals) - I thought Barrett was a solid middle reliever coming out of college and I still maintain that after seeing him.  He was 91-93 w/ a late breaking SL at 84-86 that was a plus pitch.

RHP Chris Martin (Red Sox) - The 6'7" reliever was 93-95 w/ a SL at 83-86.  The FB was true, but the SL had late break and avg depth.  Features 2 above avg pitches and was locating the ball well on this day.

LHP Sam Freeman (Cardinals) - Freeman was 94-95 w/ a tight mdm downer CB at 80 and made quick work in his inning.  Profiles as a potential setup man.

Also took in a Cubs instructs game last week and the Cubs bats did nothing as many of the players appear to be tiring.

On the mound, we saw:

Jose Arias - 90-94 w/ CH at 84-88, CB at 71-75 and a SL at 77-81.  He was big and physical and was better then the previous time I saw him.  Not sure if there is anything there, but he could profile as a middle reliever.

Stephen Perakslis - Maine's Friday night starter came out of the pen and was 92-94 w/ a sinker at 86-88, a CB at 72-79 and a CH at 76-79.  He would add and subtract from his pitches, but didn't show much in the way of command, constantly elevating the FB and not generating as many swings and misses with his CB.

Nathan Dorris - The finesse lefty was 86-88 w/ a CH at 79-83 and a CB at 73-79.  I think he is tired, as I know his velo was better during the AZL season.

Carlos Martinez-Pumarino - 89-93 w/ a CH at 83-85 and a CB at 75-77.  Not really a guy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 9 - Co-Op

Been absolutely swamped since returning to work and hope to have a longer post tomorrow detailing 2 Arizona Fall League games and a Cubs instructs games, but for now, he is a brief report on what I saw at the Glendale (Dodgers and White Sox) vs. Maryvale (Mariners and Brewers) game:

RHP Chris Beck (White Sox) - Beck was a potential top 10 pick entering the season before having a bit of a down junior year.  The big, athletic bodied Beck has a frame that shouldn't be getting a whole lot bigger.  He attacked from a H 3/4 SWU with a FB (91-94) that had a little late run, an inconsistent SL at 83-86 that showed avg break at times and was a cutter at others and a CH at 82 that had gd armspeed with fade and sink.  He has the potential for 3 avg or better pitches, but needs to work on tightening the SL (threw a lot of backups) and the overall consistency of the pitch.  Will probably end up with an above avg FB and showed ability to throw to both corners.  Upside of a # 3 starter, but there is more risk then usual with a college arm of his pedigree.

OF James Jones didn't do much offensively, but showed a plus arm w/ gd routes (took one bad route) and ok jumps in RF.  His arm was accurate and on the money and prevented anyone from taking extra bases.

Pitchers for the Mariners were Stephen Landazuri (CH at 79-84 was best offering, a solid avg to slightly above pitch, but the rest of his arsenal (FB at 88-91, up to 93 and a CB at 75-77) was pretty mediocre), Andrew Kittredge (physical without an above avg pitch in his 5 pitch repetoire - FB at 87-89, cutter at 86-87, SL at 77-78, CB at 74-76 and a CH at 79) and George Mieses (interesting arm, up to 97, but didn't warm up seriously, just lobbing the ball in and was as low as 88 with it at times.  FB will need to carry him, as his SL at 78-84 flashed avg and his CH was 86).

Other pitchers for the White Sox were Adam Lopez (89-92 w/ a SL at 80-82 and a CH at 83.  SL has some potential, but didn't really command with an interesting arm action) and Max Peterson (lefty at 87-90, with a cutter at 86-87, a CB at 76 and a CH at 80, struggled with command badly on this day).

Arizona Fall League post should be coming tomorrow barring another fun day of work.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Out of Town

Will be out of town for a wedding and the blog will likely not have any updates until possibly Monday.

Come Tuesday, I will be back working and providing some scouting reports.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Central Arizona Part 2

Got a 2nd look at Central Arizona against the Rangers today (was only able to stay 5 innings due to a prior commitment) and got to see another touted pitcher. 

RHP Jordan Kipper (Central Arizona) - Kipper is a tall (6'4, 210), sturdy pitcher w/ a projectable frame.  He has been drafted twice before (out of high school and after his frosh season), but decided to return for his sophomore year.  He has committed to TCU.  Overall, he was fairly unimpressive.  He came from a H 3/4, SWU that has some questions, as he has a hook in his delivery and doesn't really engage his lower half.  Stuffwise, he attacked with a FB at 86-88 with run and sink, but dropped to 83-84 range in the 2nd inning.  His CH was his best secondary at 80-83 that had fade and sink w/ gd armspeed which he was around the zone with.  His SL was a spinner that broke gradually when right.  Doesn't really have an out pitch and projects to me more as a reliever.

RHP Niccioli Blank (Central Arizona) - Blank is a small (5'10, 170) athletic pitcher w/ a loose body that doesn't appear to have any muscle on it.  He attacked from a 3/4 to L 3/4 SWU from a max effort delivery.  He is an intriguing arm, though I don't think he is a draft guy.  He worked 90-92 with minimal life and you could see the ball early from his hands.  Occasionally, he had a little oomph in the zone.  His CH was 80-83 from a lower slot and his SL was 79-82 and was a 2 plane breaker w/ some sweep and tightness.  For me, he is a late round prospect based on this look, but would prefer to see him go to a 4 year school and continue to develop the body.  Upside of a low leverage middle reliever.

Of the hitters, Spencer O'Neil continued to be the only one with a draft grade from me, as he hit a 1 hop 2B to LF and a 3B to LCF.  He is a below avg runner when all will be said and done, but the bat will play in a corner with his plus arm strength.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing Amateur Players - Kevin Abraham

This blog has promised to have amateur baseball content and, aside from a few tournaments, I haven't yet introduced this. 

While these will be periodic updates until the offseason (meaning end of Arizona Fall League), I figured I would introduce this feature now.

I have currently written up 10 high schoolers for 2013 and will be writing more as I get the appropriate free time.  These are players who played in PG National, Area Code and with Team USA.  The reason I am beginning to post them now is I have just finished the A's and will begin writing up the B's tomorrow.

Without further ado, the first player is below:

Abraham, Kevin
Position: C
Draft Year: 2013
Times Seen: PG National (3 games)
Height/Weight: 6'2", 205
Bats/Throws: R/R
State: FL
College Commitment: Florida Atlantic
Body Type: Close to mature w/ gd present strength.  Frame can get up to 215-225 range. 
  • Above avg raw power
  • Projects avg game power w/ above avg pull power
  • Flashes avg bat speed
  • Projects as above avg arm behind plate
  • Projects to remain behind plate w/ avg defense
  • Pull oriented approach designed for HR's at expense of average
  • Timing issues vs. premium pitching
  • Breaking ball recognition
  • Projects as well below avg runner and athlete
  • Sync issues in throwing mechanics b/w upper and lower halves
High school catcher w/ future avg power.  Close to mature athletic build w/ gd present strength.  Slight open, slight crouched w/ high back shoulder hand location and high back elbow.  Shift of weight, stride and load.
Slight uppercut w/ avg bat speed.  Pull oriented approach, struggles to go oppo.  Above avg raw power w/ repeatable swing.  Gets long and swings for fences early in count.  Overwhelmed by premium pitching due to timing issues.  Lot of swing and miss due to velo and recog issues.
Tools to remain behind the plate w/ adequate athleticism and avg arm.  Arm projects stronger w/ increased throwing regimen in pro ball and better mechanics.
Below avg runner projects as well below avg runner, but not a baseclogger.  Speed will not be a part of game.
1-Sentence Synopsis
Intriguing young power bat needs to learn to stay within himself offensively, tools to project as avg defender behind plate.
Grade (with upside, projection and comp when applicable)
35 - Org Depth (with upside of backup MLB catcher)
.230-.290-.420 w/ 15-20 HR's and solid avg defense
MLB Comp - Gerald Laird

Revisiting the 2010 Draft: Right Handed Relievers

Will continue this segment with the RHR.

Right Handed Relievers (2010 Grade)
1 - Dan Klein (UCLA) - 55 Grade, Set-Up
Klein received some pre-draft buzz as a potential convert to starter candidate, but I thought the max effort delivery would fit better in the pen.  Klein put up good pro numbers before going down with a tear in his labrum, which is a big injury that is difficult to come back 100 % from.
2 - Jordan Swagerty (Arizona State) - 55 Grade, Set-Up
I thought Swagerty would move quick to the majors with an above avg FB and plus SL.  He was in line to move quickly, reaching AA in his draft season, only to have succumbed to Tommy John surgery this year.
3 - Robert Morey (Virginia) - 55 Grade, Set-Up
I thought More fit best in the pen thanks to his smaller frame and some durability concerns.  Morey is still starting and put decent numbers in the FSL this year, going 8-3, 3.84 w/ 29 BB v 57 K in 89 IP.  Will be interesting to see what role he has in AA next year.
4 - Geoff Parker (Florida State) - 55 Grade, Set-Up
Parker made his transition to the pen for the first time this year (thought he fit better there due to mechanics and his stuff played better at FSU in short stints) and pitched ok.  He topped out in the Cal League with 65 K and 24 BB in 69 IP.  Probably more of a middle reliever potential.
5 - Addison Reed (San Diego State) - 50 Grade, Middle Reliever
Not seeing Reed when he was closing really hurt me as I tried to evaluate him, as he was 86-91 as a starter and it was difficult to project that much more velo coming as a reliever.  Reed had a successful major league debut and profiles more as a 2nd tier closer or setup man then a middle reliever.
6 - Chance Ruffin (Texas) - 50 Grade, Middle Reliever
I thought Ruffin had the upside of a potential setup man, but didn't see enough FB velo to project him there, seeing more of an avg FB at 91-92.  Ruffin has had a few cup of coffees, but hasn't been able to stick yet (mainly due to command issues, which is a surprise).
7 - Jimmy Nelson (Alabama) - 50 Grade, Middle Reliever
Nelson is still starting, but I have seen him in person a few times since his amateur days and still think he is a better fit as a reliever (on the strength of a hard sinker) then a starter.  He made it up to AA, where command problems did him in (2-4, 3.91 w/ 37 BB v 42 K in 46 IP)
8 - Aaron Barrett (Ole Miss) - 50 Grade, Middle Reliever
Barrett had a fairly underwhelming first 2 years, before exploding onto the scene this year, compiling 73 K in 51.2 IP with only 14 walks over 2 A ball levels.  I will get to see him in the AFL this year and am excited to see what adjustments he has made and if he is still working with a plus SL.
9 - Matt Miller (Michigan) - 45 Grade, 4-A Reliever
I thought Miller had the raw tools to have the upside of a set-up man, but I was concerned with how he would come along with command and smoothing out the delivery.  He is being developed as a starter, and while his command is better, I haven't seen the pure stuff I saw at Michigan, as he is more of your typical right handed starter now.
10 - Tyler Burgoon (Michigan) - 45 Grade, 4-A Reliever
Thought Burgoon would work with 2 above avg pitches in his FB and SL and just needed to refine how he utilized these pitches.  He had a good year in a tough place to pitch, posting a 3.25 ERA in 53 G and striking out 80 in 63 IP vs. 31 BB.
11 - Michael Palazzone (Georgia) - 45 Grade, 4-A Arm
Figured he was a better fit in pro ball as a reliever, but he had value to an organization as an innings eater.  He ended up not signing in 2010 and hasn't appeared to make a pro appearance yet.
12 - Thomas Royse (Louisville) - 45 Grade, 4-A Arm
Royse was similar to Palazzone except with better pure stuff and more delivery concerns.  Royse was returning from Tommy John and hasn't yet made it out of rookie ball, though 2013 will hopefully be his first healthy season.
13 - Merrill Kelly (Arizona State) - 45 Grade, 4-A Arm
Another guy that I thought could eat innings early in his career then go into a swingman type role, I was concerned that he wouldn't be able to develop a usable breaking ball to go with his FB-CH mix.  Kelly has reached AA and worked in the swing role at Montgomery, going 8-3, 3.57 w/ 28 BB v 61 K in 88.1 IP.
14 - Colin Bates (North Carolina) - 45 Grade, 4-A Reliever
Bates put up decent numbers in the SAL this year, but only struck out 36 in 51 IP and doesn't appear to have the plus SL I thought he had at UNC.
15 - Andrew Robinson (Georgia Tech) - 45 Grade, 4-A Reliever
Thought Robinson would work with an above avg FB and refine his CB into an avg offering while struggling to command his repetoire.  Made the transition to the pen at Lancaster and put up decent numbers, appearing in 44 games and going 4-5, 4.33 w/ 74 K and 26 BB in 60 IP.
16 - Blake Cooper (South Carolina) - 45 Grade, 4-A Arm
Saw Cooper more as a reliever and a guy who would get a cup of coffee in the big leagues after eating innings in the low minors as a starter.  He never started in the minors, transitioning to the pen immediately after signing and put up 59 K in 56 IP at Visalia this year.
17 - Matt Bischoff (Purdue) - 40 Grade, ROOGY
Bischoff compiled some massive K numbers as Purdue's Friday night starter and thought he had a chance as a ROOGY.  He pitched most of the year at High A and put up 28 K and 6 BB in 28 IP.
18 - Matt Hutchison (UNLV) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
I actually liked Hutchison and, while I didn't think he had a better then avg pitch, had a good enough repetoire and body to potentially profile as a cup of coffee pitcher.  He got cut after his first pro season.
19 - Tyler Lockwood (TCU) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
I thought Lockwood had 3 avg pitches, but wouldn't develop the command to be able to harness them.  His command has improved in pro ball and reached High A this year, but compiled just 54 K in 73 IP.
20 - Jeff Walters (Georgia) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
I thought Walters would work with an above avg FB and 2 fringy off-speed offerings.  He pitched well in Low A this year before getting the bump to High A and pitching more to his ability (3.76 ERA in FSL).  Overall, struck out 49 v 12 BB in 54 IP.
21 - Mike McGee (Florida State) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
Thought McGee had 2 solid avg offerings that might have been able to work as a reliever.  He didn't sign this year and appeared to take a step back as a pitcher his senior year and was popped as an OF, where I also thought he should have been drafted.
22 - Justin Poovey (Florida) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
Poovey ended up not signing (this was his first year back from Tommy John) and got lost in the plethora of arms at Florida.  His command never did come back from the surgery.
23 - Daniel Renken (Cal State Fullerton) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
Renken is still starting and got hammered as a sinker pitcher in the CAL this year, posting a 6-9, 5.93 record with 57 BB v 125 K in 142.2 IP.
24 - Willy Kesler (New Mexico) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
I really wanted to like Kesler, but saw only 2 potential avg pitches with a below avg CH and a mature body.  He appeared to get cut this year after surrending 40 hits in the CAL in 28 IP.
25 - Matt Little (Kentucky) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
Thought Little had upside as a ROOGY once he focused on that slot.  Haven't seen him, but put up decent numbers in the FSL with 56 K in 57 IP, though he also walked 30.
26 - Neil Holland (Louisville) - 40 Grade, Org Depth
Holland was another ROOGY type, without the pure stuff of a Little or those who ranked ahead of him.  He had a big year in High A this year, putting up a 1.64 ERA with 14 BB v 44 K in 60 IP.
27 - Tyler Wilson (Virginia) - 35 Grade, AA Top Out
He came back to college in 2011 and excelled as a starter, despite featuring a max effort delivery.  I had him with an above avg SL in 2010, but little else.  He is still starting (threw a 50 on him as a reliever for 2011) and had a big year at High A, going 7-7, 3.49 w/ 19 BB v 114 K in 111 IP.
28 - Kevin Moran (Boston College) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Moran was an arm strength guy to me who had little else to bring to the table, working 93-94.  He didn't throw much this year and has been pretty ineffective in pro ball, compiling a 7.03 career ERA.
29 - Parker Bangs (South Carolina) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Bangs was a guy who I thought could take off once he focused on pitching, as he featured a FB up to 95.  Didn;t turn out that way and got released.
30 - Kevin Arico (Virginia) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Arico intrigued me with a plus SL, but didn't think his arm would hold up and he lacked the deception to generate consistent swings and misses.  Arico got hurt and is working his way back.
31 - Stephen McCray (Tennessee) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
McCray was a sum of his parts pitcher as opposed to one with an above avg pitch.  Pitched in a swingman role this year at High A and experienced success, going 9-3, 3.30 w/ 43 BB v 91 K in 117 IP.
32 - David Gutierrez (Miami) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
A guy who was more of a future buy and didn't have an avg pitch and projected to be a sum of his parts pitchers, he got cut after his first pro year despite putting up good numbers.
33 - Kevin Cahill (Purdue) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
I thought Cahill had decent raw stuff, but lacked the body or command and I had some injury questions about him.  He ended up getting cut after his first pro year despite putting up decent numbers.
34 - Jordan Pratt (Arkansas) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
I wrote that Pratt was likely to blow out in my report due to a violent delivery.  Even though I liked his SL, hard to pop a reliever like that.  He ended up getting cut in 2011.
35 - John Leonard (Boston College) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Leonard ended up not signing and put up more of the same in his senior year.  Thought he fit better in a pen with a fringy FB and above avg CB (he got a 30 grade from me in 2012).  He has not made a pro appearance.
36 - Tommy Toledo (Florida) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Toledo received the same grade from me in 2011 when he returned for his senior year.  He threw the ball well in Low A this year before getting hit hard in High A as a 23 year old.
37 - Matt Campbell (Florida) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Campbell was cut this year after compiling a 5.60 ERA in 23 games at Low A.
38 - Greg Holle (TCU) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Holle was a guy with an intriguing sinker at 87-92, but never thought he would learn the command.  Having seen him in person since this report, I would agree with it and think he is still just an org guy.
39 - Mike Bolsinger (Arkansas) - 35 Grade, Org Depth
Bolsinger had minimal upside to me and was just org filler.  He actually put up good #'s this year as a starter, going 7-5, 3.35 w/ 51 BB and 113 K in 115 IP across High A and AA.
OTHERS (Below are players I wouldn't have drafted)
Zach Neal (30 Grade) - Threw the ball real well this year (including a 1.21 ERA in High A) and pitched his way to AA.
Scott Matyas (30 Grade) - Cut in 2011.
Jeremy Heatley (30 Grade) - Let go after his first pro year despite good stats.
Drew Hayes (30 Grade) - Threw the ball well in AA and has a chance at a future based on his K numbers, though I have seen him in person since this report and still don't see a big league future there.  Nevertheless, has outperformed this grade.
Paul Gerrish (30 Grade) - Let go after his first pro year despite good stats.
Jeremy Erben (30 Grade) - Putting up big K numbers with little in way of peripherals.  In High A this year, put up 68 K v 26 BB in 48 IP.
Shawn Tolleson (25 Grade) - Now a big leaguer.  I can say from working with the Dodgers it is a completely different pitcher then the one I evaluated.  The important thing I took from this was to never overlook what a guy was in high school, especially when they have the injury problems Tolleson did.
Chris Squires (25 Grade) - Pitched his way to AA, where he got hammered, but had a strong year in the FSL.
Patrick Schatz (25 Grade) - Released after struggling in his first pro year.
Chase Reid (25 Grade) - Pitched his way to AA this year where he got knocked around a bit.
Taylor Hill (25 Grade) - Came back for his senior year, where he was a much improved pitcher and earned a 45 grade from me as a starter.  Pitched his way to High A as a starter this year, though he didn't experience a great year overall.
Ben Rowen (20 Grade) - Underestimated how much deception came from his delivery, as he hasn't put up an ERA over 2 in pro ball and put up some eye popping numbers in High A (3 BB v 52 K in 57 IP)