Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 30 Doubleheader

Took in a doubleheader on the 30th and have more notes from the Scottsdale @ Peoria game then the Surprise @ Salt River game.  Below is what I saw:

RHP Robert Cassevah (Angels) - Still is what he is, working with a plus sinking FB at 89-93, up to 94 and showed 2 below avg secondaries in his CT/SL and splitter.

LHP Robbie Erlin (Padres) - First look at the small, athletic left hander and he is a significantly better fit for Petco then Texas, as he is a true finesse lefty without a plus pitch.  He features a solid avg FB at 88-90, up to 92, and paired it with 3 other offspeed pitches, a CH at 79-80 that had gd armspeed and was an above avg weak contact pitch, a SL at 78-81 that was solid avg and a big downer CB w/ gd spin at 71-77 that isn't a strikeout pitch.  Repeatable delivery w/ feel for moving the FB around, he profiles as a back end starter.  He gets high marks for pitchability and will throw any pitch in any count.  Solid lefty.

RHP Michael Tonkin (Twins) - First look at the XL tall, athletic righty who comes at hitters from a L 3/4.  He came at them with a moving FB at 93-95 that had above avg life and paired it with a SL that he threw once and didn't have a lot of break to it.  Has been throwing the ball well here, so hope to catch him again.

OF Slade Heathcott (Yankees) - Swung a real good bat on this day, going 4-5 with 2 triples.  He features a line drive oriented approach with the ability to hit gap to gap.  Getting a clearer look at him and he profiles as a solid avg regular.

RHP Trey Haley (Indians) - Not as electric the last time I saw him, but was 94-96 with life and paired it with a hammer CB at 85-86 when he didn't get around it.  Big time stuff.

RHP Victor Black (Pirates) - Black was the same guy I have seen, electric stuff (96-98 w/ FB, 83-84 w/ power CB) but no command. 

From the night game, got looks at 2 pitchers I hadn't seen:

RHP Ryan Rodebaugh (Rangers) - 89-91 w/ an avg SL at 81-83.  Pretty conventional righty reliever profiles as org depth from this look.

RHP Malcolm Culver (Royals) - 90-94 w/ run and sink and paired it with a short SL at 80 and a CH with a little fade at 82.  He got pissed after giving up the go ahead HR and got up to 94 at that point.  He piques my interest a bit.

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