Monday, October 15, 2012

Amateur Player - William Abreu

Abreu, William
Position: LF/RF
Draft Year: 2013
Times Seen: PG National (3 Games), Team USA (3 Games)
Height/Weight: 6'3", 195 - appears closer to 205.
Bats/Throws: L/L
State: FL
College Commitment: Miami
Body Type: Close to mature mdm, athletic build w/ gd present strength and strong thighs.
  • All Fields Approach
  • Line drive machine projects as .290 hitter
  • Future above avg arm strength
  • Instinctive w/ ability to take extra bases
  • Avg raw power
  • Below avg power for corner OF
  • Still developing breaking ball and strike zone recognition
  • Head violence on throws affects accuracy
  • Below avg runner once frame is mature
  • Timing of swing
HS OF projects to be corner OF w/ plus avg ability.  Close to mature mdm, athletic build w/ gd present strength.  Straight on, slight crouch w/ high hand location.  Shift of weight, load and stride.  Gd timing in BP doesn't translate to games yet.
SL Uppercut w/ avg bat speed.  Repeatable swing.  LD Oriented, projects to use all fields.  Avg raw power w/ below avg game power for corner OF.  Learning strike zone, tendency to expand for fastballs elevated.  Sees spin, will handle velo with reps.
Projects below avg runner w/ avg routes and jumps.  Above avg arm w/ fringy accuracy.  Profiles as avg defensive OF in either corner.
Instinctive players gets most out of tools.  Quality baserunner will take the extra base.  Will lose tick of speed as matures, still have ability to steal 10 bags on instincts.
Intriguing lefty stick w/ the development of power determining ultimate role (starter or 4th OF).  Concerns L on L.
1-Sentence Synopsis
Corner OF w/ above avg hit tool whose ultimate ceiling will be based on the development of his raw power to game power.
Grade (with upside, projection and comp when applicable)
45 - 4th OF (with upside of solid avg starter)
.280-.340-.420 w/ 10-12 HR's and solid avg defense
MLB Comp - Gerardo Parra

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