Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24 - Scottsdale @ Mesa

Attended the game between Scottsdale and Mesa at Hohokam and watched Chris Dominguez hit a 3-run HR in the top of the 9th to allow the Scorpions to win 4-3 to extend Mesa's losing streak to 8 games.  Below is what I saw:

DH Chris Dominguez (Giants) - 2nd game of his and he homered an elevated FB to prolong the losing streak of Mesa.  He features a strength based approach and wish I could see him at 3B to get a feel for his defensive ability.  Still not sure what he is at this point.

2B Adalberto Santos (Pirates) - Santos has a thick lower half and homered to left center.  He features a long swing and has a tendency to pull his front shoulder.  He didn't show gd range at 2B and think he profiles more in LF, which I don't think the bat can handle.

1B Aaron Westlake (Tigers) - Westlake is a big, physical 1B whom I graded out as one of the best collegiate 1B available in his draft year.  I am concerned about his swing, as I feel there is some length there with avg bat speed in a strength based approach.  There may not be as much avg there as I thought and will be curious to see him later on to see his approach, as he did hit a nice single off of a left hander.

SS Jiovanni Mier (Astros) - Mier swung the bat well today and barrelled a couple balls down the left field line for doubles.  It is a pull heavy approach from a player who lacks the raw power to be able to be a solid avg offensive player with that approach.  He does appear to be a bit tired at this stage, as his normally reliable glove had an error on a routine ball today.

RHP Kevin Johnson (Angels) - My first look at the big, physical right hander who has the prototypical pitcher build and he featured a sinker at 92-94 w/ gd life and a solid avg to slightly above avg SL at 83-85.  Profiles as a solid avg middle reliever.

RHP Victor Black (Pirates) - More around the zone today and was 97-99 w/ a hammer CB at 82-86.  If he can pitch around the zone and miss down, he can have value in a MLB pen, although he likely won't be as important as his stuff, as I really question his ability to throw consistent strikes.

RHP Kevin Rhoderick (Cubs) - The former Oregon State closer has lost velocity from his FB, now pitching 91-92, but has seen no gain in command.  This really limits his ceiling despite 2 avg to above avg offspeed pitches in his SL (81-85 - late breaking sweeper, sometimes gets too big and easy to foul off) and his CH (81-82 - tendency to slow arm down, but features split like mvmt).  A true max effort delivery with minimal feel for the strike zone.

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