Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 27 - Peoria @ Surprise

Got a beautiful game yesterday, as the Saguaros knocked off the Javelinas 4-1 in a game that lasted 2 hours and 22 minutes and had an astounding 7 double plays.  Below is what I saw:

OF Nate Roberts (Twins) - Had another 2 hits yesterday to bump his average up to .522.  He puts together quality at bats, but doesn't profile to hit for enough power to play a corner, so will be interested to see him in CF one of these days.

2B Cory Spangenberg (Padres) - Spangenberg hit an oppo HR yesterday that got up in the wind and appeared to be a ball he wanted to pull, but was late and hit it out to LF.  Still don't have a feel for him.

1B Chris McGuiness (Rangers) - He collected another 2 hits today with his pull heavy approach designed to hit line drives and fly balls.  I am not sure if he is going to provide enough production to profile as an everyday 1B, but should have value on a bench.

OF Mike O'Neill (Cardinals) - O'Neill collected another 3 hits today with his slap approach and is another guy that doesn't profile to hit for enough power to play a corner.  Another guy that grinds out at bats and it depends on how he plays in CF for what his ultimate profile would be.

RHP Kyle Simon (Phillies) - The sinkerballer attacked from a L 3/4 arm angle w/ an unathletic delivery that throws across his body.  The sinker is a gd weapon, as it gets groundballs w/ velo at 89-92.  He pairs it with a fringy CH at 83-86 and a cutter at 87 that is developing and showed a little tilt.  Sinker is intriguing, but secondary stuff is behind. 

LHP Caleb Thielbar (Twins) - 2nd look at the lefty and he was 89-93 w/ a SL at 79-82 and a CB at 72-75.  Has a chance to be a 2nd lefty in a pen, but profiles as more emergency depth.

RHP Colby Shreve (Phillies) - Halfway through the outing, decided to switch to 4-seamers and those were 92-94 with a little ride while his 2 seam was 89-92 w/ a little run and sink.  As a reliever, think he would be better served with the 4-seam.  Paired it with an ok SL at 80-83 and a CH at 83.

RHP Carson Smith (Mariners) - 92-95 w/ a frisbee SL at 86-88 and a CH at 87.  Still has the profile as a middle reliever/setup man.

RHP Josh Ravin (Reds) - Worked 98-100 w/ a CH or CT at 88 that didn't do anything and a CB at 77-78.  Still profiles as more of a middle reliever then high leverage reliever, as he is a comfy AB, as he lacks deception and guys square up his velocity routinely.

RHP Boone Whiting (Cardinals) - Whiting is the same guy, adding and subtracting and was 82-92 again with his FB and paired it with a solid avg to above avg CH at 75-81, mdm downer CB at 77-79 and a short SL at 79-80.  Still more of an org guy and the CH wasn't as consistently good as I last saw it last week.

RHP Chris Martin (Red Sox) - 2nd straight game where he showed gd stuff and solid command of it, as he was 91-94 w/ a little cut and paired it with a solid avg SL at 83-85 that flashed above avg.

RHP Pete Ruiz (Red Sox) - This was my 1st look at him and, according to chatter within the stands, was his most electric.  He was 92-96 from a H 3/4 quirky release and paired it with a SL at 81-86 that flashed plus and a potential put away pitch.  Based on this look, there is setup upside if he can develop his command.

RHP Ryan Fraser (Mets) - Like this guy as a solid middle reliever, even though he battled his command more today then I had seen previously.  Worked 91-93 w/ gd angle and sink and paired it with a solid avg SL at 80 that flashed above and below avg and a CH at 85-88 that showed split life at times.

Not sure on what games I am seeing tomorrow.

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