Monday, October 1, 2012

Athletics @ Dodgers

Took in the Athletics @ Dodgers game today.  Below is what I observed from Athletics:

RHP Michael Ynoa - Ynoa was the big money Dominican who has been saddled by inconsistency and injury since coming over.  The tall, loose pitcher who can add a little more to his frame worked from a 3/4 SWU.  He attacked hitters with a FB at 92-94 with a little life and paired it with a mdm downer CB at 77-81 that flashes above avg.  His other 2 pitchers (splitter at 86-87 that had a little dive and a short 3/4 tilt SL at 83-86 that was cut-like) were below avg.  His likely profile is now that of a low leverage middle reliever.

LHP Ian Krol - Krol is a lefty with the stuff to be a starter, as he has a mdm, sturdy frame w/ a little growth left and attacked from a 3/4 SWU.  Normally, the low arm slot is a concern for a starter, but he featured a plus CH at 83 that he threw with gd armspeed that had fade and sink to it and showed occasionally as a swing and miss pitch.  His FB was 91-93 and bored in on LHH, breaking some bats.  He also throws at CB at 77-81 that needs to be tightened into a SL, as that fits his release point much better.  Has the tools to work in the middle of the rotation if he can consistently command the FB.

RHP Raul Alcantara - Alcantara was one of the key pieces in the Andrew Bailey trade and had a rough full season debut in the Midwest League at 19.  He only threw one inning on this day.  He is a mdm, loose build w/ a little projection remaining and attacked from a 3/4 to H 3/4 SWU.  He was 89-92 with a little run and lacks deception and paired that with a CB at 75 that was a mdm downer, a SL at 84 that was cut-like and a CH at 84 that had ok armspeed.  I was expecting more from him.

Other pitchers on this day were Tanner Peters (really liked him coming out of UNLV, CB has taken a step back.  Still attacks with an above avg CH at 77-80 to go with a FB at 89-91 w/ inconsistent life.  CB is 74-77 with ok spin while his new cut/SL is 85-87 and more of a show pitch, though they seem to be working hard to refine it), Stuart Pudenz (13th rounder from Dallas Baptist, was 89-91 w/ a SF at 83-85 and a SL at 81.  Not much there) and Tyler Hollstegge (21st rounder from UNC Greensboro, was 90-91 w/ a SL at 79-82 and a CH at 81.  Developing him as a low leverage FB/SL guy).

More of the same from the hitters, Addison Russell continues to be a stud.  Matt Olson appears to be a bit late with a tight hand position that was having him swing and miss more today.  Yordy Cabrera has a chance to profile as an avg to above avg 3B w/ a plus arm and avg bat speed, though he had a rough pro debut.  Both B.A. Vollmuth and Max Muncy took some good swings today, but Vollmuth is going to need to work hard to stay in shape to be able to handle third while Muncy is still an undersized 1B without power.

Will head over to San Diego tomorrow to watch Dan Langfield pitch for the Reds and hopefully an intriguing Padre.

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