Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26 - Mesa @ Scottsdale

Witnessed history today, as the Solar Sox finally got off the schneid with an 8-4 win at the Scorpions.  Below is what I remember from seeing, as I left my notes at the office again:

1B Jonathan Singleton (Astros) - Singleton popped a 2B and a 3B and his 3B was about a 410 foot shot to CF that would have been a HR at almost anywhere else.  Still a stud muffin.

OF L.J. Hoes (Orioles) - Hoes had 3 hits and shows a line drive bat with an all fields approach.  He is playing either tired or doesn't feel like being here, so it will be interesting to see how slow his times to first get later on in the AFL.

1B Aaron Westlake (Tigers) - Hit a bomb to right field today that was about 400 feet and is swinging the bat better now.  The swing is still long and not sure if there will be consistent success there.

OF Tyler Holt (Indians) - Holt had 2 hits today, but has underwhelmed me, as he lacks a carrying tool and I am not sure yet if he has the ability to play CF.

DH Austin Romine (Yankees) - Romine is back in the AFL and is showing a solid approach with line drive ability and he has some HR power to his pull side and to CF.  Don't think he is an everyday C due to defense, but can definitely have some value in Yankee Stadium.

C Alex Monsalve (Indians) - Monsalve features a true plus arm w/ a long release, which results in solid avg pop times at 1.90.  He features a pull heavy approach with some power and is young enough (19) where he can still figure out some things to be an everyday C.

RHP Jarred Cosart (Astros) - Cosart worked 94-97 w/ a fringy CB at 79-81 and a solid avg CH at 83-85.  He features a wrist wrap in his delivery, which is going to cause some forearm issues (and he has already had some) and going to make it surprising for him to get through a season fully healthy consistently.  The raw stuff is good, but he really struggles to command his pitches.  More of a # 3 starter then a truly elite starter because of the command struggles.

RHP Nick Tropeano (Astros) - A taller version of Cosart, Tropeano attacked hitters with a sinker at 92-93 and a change at 80-82.  He also showed what may have been a cutter at 86.  Interesting first look.

RHP Chia-Jen Lo (Astros) - Lo showed a FB up to 97, but it was paired with a slurvy CB at 77.  Didn't really command his stuff either. 

LHP Chris Gloor (Giants) - The big bodied, appeared 6'8", 250, left hander is a truly finesse pitcher who showed a FB up to 91 and worked 87-89.  He paired it with 3 fringy to below avg offerings in his CH at 80-82, CB at 68-76 and a SL at 78-79.  He understands how to pitch and works the fringes of the zone.  That being said, he is probably not a big leaguer.

RHP Trey Haley (Indians) - The pure arm strength right hander was up to 100 today and showed some life to his FB.  He also featured a 1 plane SL at 85.  It is a max effort delivery with a violent throw, leading questions to his ability to throw consistent strikes.  The arm strength is a big calling card though and will be interesting to see how he is in later outings.

Tomorrow, will be attending the Javelinas at the Saguaros to watch the pitching matchup of Kyle Simon v Boone Whiting.

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