Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/19 - Saguaros @ Javelinas

Peoria took the night game against Surprise by a score of 3-2.  Was my first look at the Javelinas.

2B Kolten Wong (Cardinals) - Wong showed pull power today by turning on a fastball and hitting it over the right field wall.  He still profiles as a .280-.290 hitter w/ 10-12 homers.

1B Donald Lutz (Reds) - Lutz is your proto 1B build, as he is a tall, strong, round guy.  He shows power to all fields, including driving a fastball up and away out to right field.  He profiles as a 1 trick pony with above avg power.  His swing has a lot of action, so he isn't going to hit for a lot of avg.  He is a below avg defender who doesn't cover a lot of ground.  My first impression is more AAA slugger then contributing big leaguer.

2B Stefen Romero (Mariners) - Romero is a straight hitter, working all fields approach with the 2nd best barrel control after Nick Castellanos that I have seen.  He laced balls to all fields and profiles to have 15-20 homers as well.  He DH'd on this day, but overheard that he hasn't looked good in the field, so will be interested to see it myself at some point.

RHP J.C. Sulbaran (Royals) - Sulbaran's stuff has taken a step back since he was drafted and looked to be holding back to pace himself.  He worked 86-89 w/ gd angle and a little run and sink and paired it with an above avg straight CH at 77-78.  He also threw a slurvy CB at 75-76.  Maybe he will be something as a reliever when he can let it go.  This was also his first outing, so his velo may pick up in later starts.

RHP Tim Crabbe (Reds) - The tall, athletic right hander didn't feature a pitch I really liked and was just there.  He worked 88-91 with little life in the zone, a CB at 76-78 that was probably his best pitch, which was a mdm downer, a SL at 84-85 that backed up consistently and a CH at 80-82 w/ ok armspeed.  Org guy.

RHP Ryan Fraser (Mets) - My first look at the reliever, he is a tall, athletic guy with a well proportioned build.  He worked 92-95 with a little run and paired it with a solid avg SL at 81 with 3/4 tilt and a CH at 88 w/ a little sink and was too firm.  Interesting guy with the FB/SL and will be curious to see how the command is in future outings.

RHP Josh Ravin (Reds) - Ravin features big velo, working 96-99.  However, his FB is very true and plays down due to that and his lack of deception.  He paired it with a CB at 76-77 that flashed 2 plane break and a little cutter at 88.  Probably more of a potential middle relief guy w/ his command concerns.

RHP Drew Hayes (Reds) - Hayes is a former Vandy closer who has potential be a solid middle reliever w/ a sinking FB at 92-94 and pairs it with an above avg SL at 83-86 and a CH at 85-88 w/ a little sink.  Will be curious to see how he performs in future looks.

LHP Josh Spence (Padres) - Spence is a guy who is nowhere close to what he used to be and isn't a prospect anymore.  He was 81-82 w/ an assortment of pitches, mainly featuring a late breaking SL at 74-76.  Not a prospect at this stage.

RHP Colby Shreve (Phillies) - Tall, athletic w/ a round butt and some growth left.  Pretty typical righty.  Worked 90-92 w/ gd dwnd angle and paired it with a gradual SL at 81 and a CH at 83 w/ straight.  Not sure what is there.

RHP Curtis Partch (Reds) - The big bodied right hander was 95-97 w/ a SL at 83-88.  His FB has gd ride in the zone, but lacks deception while his SL has late break w/ 3/4 tilt.  He profiles as a potential setup reliever.

Heading to Phoenix today to watch Peoria (James Paxton) try to knock off the Desert Dogs (Shawn Haviland).

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