Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 9 - Co-Op

Been absolutely swamped since returning to work and hope to have a longer post tomorrow detailing 2 Arizona Fall League games and a Cubs instructs games, but for now, he is a brief report on what I saw at the Glendale (Dodgers and White Sox) vs. Maryvale (Mariners and Brewers) game:

RHP Chris Beck (White Sox) - Beck was a potential top 10 pick entering the season before having a bit of a down junior year.  The big, athletic bodied Beck has a frame that shouldn't be getting a whole lot bigger.  He attacked from a H 3/4 SWU with a FB (91-94) that had a little late run, an inconsistent SL at 83-86 that showed avg break at times and was a cutter at others and a CH at 82 that had gd armspeed with fade and sink.  He has the potential for 3 avg or better pitches, but needs to work on tightening the SL (threw a lot of backups) and the overall consistency of the pitch.  Will probably end up with an above avg FB and showed ability to throw to both corners.  Upside of a # 3 starter, but there is more risk then usual with a college arm of his pedigree.

OF James Jones didn't do much offensively, but showed a plus arm w/ gd routes (took one bad route) and ok jumps in RF.  His arm was accurate and on the money and prevented anyone from taking extra bases.

Pitchers for the Mariners were Stephen Landazuri (CH at 79-84 was best offering, a solid avg to slightly above pitch, but the rest of his arsenal (FB at 88-91, up to 93 and a CB at 75-77) was pretty mediocre), Andrew Kittredge (physical without an above avg pitch in his 5 pitch repetoire - FB at 87-89, cutter at 86-87, SL at 77-78, CB at 74-76 and a CH at 79) and George Mieses (interesting arm, up to 97, but didn't warm up seriously, just lobbing the ball in and was as low as 88 with it at times.  FB will need to carry him, as his SL at 78-84 flashed avg and his CH was 86).

Other pitchers for the White Sox were Adam Lopez (89-92 w/ a SL at 80-82 and a CH at 83.  SL has some potential, but didn't really command with an interesting arm action) and Max Peterson (lefty at 87-90, with a cutter at 86-87, a CB at 76 and a CH at 80, struggled with command badly on this day).

Arizona Fall League post should be coming tomorrow barring another fun day of work.

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