Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing Amateur Players - Kevin Abraham

This blog has promised to have amateur baseball content and, aside from a few tournaments, I haven't yet introduced this. 

While these will be periodic updates until the offseason (meaning end of Arizona Fall League), I figured I would introduce this feature now.

I have currently written up 10 high schoolers for 2013 and will be writing more as I get the appropriate free time.  These are players who played in PG National, Area Code and with Team USA.  The reason I am beginning to post them now is I have just finished the A's and will begin writing up the B's tomorrow.

Without further ado, the first player is below:

Abraham, Kevin
Position: C
Draft Year: 2013
Times Seen: PG National (3 games)
Height/Weight: 6'2", 205
Bats/Throws: R/R
State: FL
College Commitment: Florida Atlantic
Body Type: Close to mature w/ gd present strength.  Frame can get up to 215-225 range. 
  • Above avg raw power
  • Projects avg game power w/ above avg pull power
  • Flashes avg bat speed
  • Projects as above avg arm behind plate
  • Projects to remain behind plate w/ avg defense
  • Pull oriented approach designed for HR's at expense of average
  • Timing issues vs. premium pitching
  • Breaking ball recognition
  • Projects as well below avg runner and athlete
  • Sync issues in throwing mechanics b/w upper and lower halves
High school catcher w/ future avg power.  Close to mature athletic build w/ gd present strength.  Slight open, slight crouched w/ high back shoulder hand location and high back elbow.  Shift of weight, stride and load.
Slight uppercut w/ avg bat speed.  Pull oriented approach, struggles to go oppo.  Above avg raw power w/ repeatable swing.  Gets long and swings for fences early in count.  Overwhelmed by premium pitching due to timing issues.  Lot of swing and miss due to velo and recog issues.
Tools to remain behind the plate w/ adequate athleticism and avg arm.  Arm projects stronger w/ increased throwing regimen in pro ball and better mechanics.
Below avg runner projects as well below avg runner, but not a baseclogger.  Speed will not be a part of game.
1-Sentence Synopsis
Intriguing young power bat needs to learn to stay within himself offensively, tools to project as avg defender behind plate.
Grade (with upside, projection and comp when applicable)
35 - Org Depth (with upside of backup MLB catcher)
.230-.290-.420 w/ 15-20 HR's and solid avg defense
MLB Comp - Gerald Laird

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