Thursday, October 4, 2012

Central Arizona Part 2

Got a 2nd look at Central Arizona against the Rangers today (was only able to stay 5 innings due to a prior commitment) and got to see another touted pitcher. 

RHP Jordan Kipper (Central Arizona) - Kipper is a tall (6'4, 210), sturdy pitcher w/ a projectable frame.  He has been drafted twice before (out of high school and after his frosh season), but decided to return for his sophomore year.  He has committed to TCU.  Overall, he was fairly unimpressive.  He came from a H 3/4, SWU that has some questions, as he has a hook in his delivery and doesn't really engage his lower half.  Stuffwise, he attacked with a FB at 86-88 with run and sink, but dropped to 83-84 range in the 2nd inning.  His CH was his best secondary at 80-83 that had fade and sink w/ gd armspeed which he was around the zone with.  His SL was a spinner that broke gradually when right.  Doesn't really have an out pitch and projects to me more as a reliever.

RHP Niccioli Blank (Central Arizona) - Blank is a small (5'10, 170) athletic pitcher w/ a loose body that doesn't appear to have any muscle on it.  He attacked from a 3/4 to L 3/4 SWU from a max effort delivery.  He is an intriguing arm, though I don't think he is a draft guy.  He worked 90-92 with minimal life and you could see the ball early from his hands.  Occasionally, he had a little oomph in the zone.  His CH was 80-83 from a lower slot and his SL was 79-82 and was a 2 plane breaker w/ some sweep and tightness.  For me, he is a late round prospect based on this look, but would prefer to see him go to a 4 year school and continue to develop the body.  Upside of a low leverage middle reliever.

Of the hitters, Spencer O'Neil continued to be the only one with a draft grade from me, as he hit a 1 hop 2B to LF and a 3B to LCF.  He is a below avg runner when all will be said and done, but the bat will play in a corner with his plus arm strength.

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