Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25 - Phoenix @ Salt River

In a game that featured a total of 23 runners left on base, the Rafters rode a 4 run 6th to a 6-3 win.  Thoughts are below:

OF Josh Prince (Brewers) - Prince leads the AFL in hitting at .455 after a 2-5 day today.  He doesn't show a lot of bat speed and features only 3 power and am not sure where his profile is yet, as this was only my 2nd look.  He wore out Tepera in this game.  Will be curious on his run times, as I have heard he can fly.

SS Hak-Ju Lee (Rays) - Still not swinging a great bat.  He is featuring good speed, getting down the line at 4.25 and then had a well executed drag bunt and got down the line at 3.68.  Not the strongest of players, he is a guy who is likely worn down from the season.  He will need to continue to get stronger to make it through 162 game season without being a streaky player.

1B Kyle Jensen (Marlins) - He is playing RF, but is going to be a 1B, as he shows below avg range in RF and was unimpressed with his arm strength, though he appeared to be throwing just to hit the cut-off man.  He can hit the ball a long way and turned on a ball and hit it almost to the top of the hill at Salt River.  Not sure he is going to hit for much average and isn't the best of athletes, so will be interesting to watch him as we get deeper into the AZL.

OF Christian Yelich (Marlins) - Only saw avg bat speed from him, but showed a short, quick to the ball swing that profiles to hit for avg and enough power for CF, but not enough for a corner.  He is a slenderly built guy, so wouldn't be surprised if he was also tired and will show better speed in season.  Got down the line at 4.15 and profiles as an above average runner.  Very intriguing player who profiles at least as a solid avg regular.

OF Brian Goodwin (Nationals) - Another day, another 3 hits for Goodwin with 2 doubles.  I still see an above avg regular and he has all the tools to be an above avg defender in CF.

2B Carlos Sanchez (White Sox) - Finally looked a little fresher and put together a lot of quality at bats and had the big 3 run double to break the game open.  Was on base 4 of his 5 appearances.  I still think he profiles as a solid avg regular with a chance to be above avg depending on how the power ultimately plays.

1B Andy Wilkins (White Sox) - Still think Wilkins profiles as a solid avg regular and he collected another 2 hits today to raise his average to .395.  Also has some power.  ]

RHP Scott McGough (Marlins) - Arm strength appears to be closer to the Oregon version then the Dodgers version, as he worked 91-94 w/ a CH at 84-88 and a SL at 81-85.  The FB showed run and sink and can work, but profiles as just an average pitch out of the pen and isn't paired with an above avg breaking pitch, with the SL being solid avg when it was 81-83.  Profiles as a middle reliever.

RHP Ryan Tepera (Blue Jays) - Tepera had better pure stuff then the last time I saw him, working 91-94 w/ a SL at 84-87 and a CH at 84-86.  With that said, still didn't see more then a middle reliever and the SL had inconsistent depth.

RHP Lenny Linsky (Rays) - Was a little better on this day then the last time I saw him, but he is never going to throw consistent quality strikes.  Worked 90-93 w/ a SL at 80-82 and ran into another inning that had him leave early with Rasmus cleaning up his mess.

RHP Cory Rasmus (Braves) - On this day, the CH was better and the CB didn't have the same caliber of spin I saw previously.  That being said, there still is not an above avg pitch in his repetoire.  Was 89-92 w/ the CH at 82 and CB at 74.

RHP Cole Kimball (Nationals) - Same guy that is a shadow of his former self.  Was 90-92 w/ a CB at 80-81 that was worse on this day then the previous outing and a better split at 82-83.

RHP Cory Riordan (Rockies) - First look at the tall, athletic well proportioned righty and he was 91-94 w/ a CB at 74, SL at 78-79 and CH at 82.  Used the SL as the out pitch and the CB and CH as get ahead pitches.  Intriguing first look that could profile as a middle reliever w/ an avg SL.

LHP Chris Rearick (Rays) - Rearick was 87-90 w/ a SL at 80-85.  Needs to continue improving the SL to have a shot to stick in a pen.

RHP Kevin Munson (Diamondbacks) - Was a pure thrower today and got yanked after loading the bases.  He was 92-96 w/ sink and a CH at 87-89 that had some dive and appeared to be a potential splitter.  His SL was 84-85 that flashed above avg.  He has all the tools, but lacks consistency with command.

RHP Coty Woods (Rockies) - The sidearmer threw a lot of strikes and was 89-90 with sink that can help him fit into a ROOGY role.  His SL was 78-80 w/ 3/4 tilt and avg depth.  Has the makings of a solid avg pitch.  The CH was 82-83 w/ gd armspeed and can use it to keep lefties off of his FB.  Intriguing righty who has the ability to be a low leverage middle reliever.

RHP James Simmons (Athletics) - The former 1st rounder was 89-92 w/ a CH at 79 and a SL at 84-85.  FB showed better life today, featuring run and sink, though he didn't exhibit the same command as his last outing.  His CH had gd armspeed w/ fade and sink and profiles as a solid avg pitch.  The SL was worse today and was a 1 plane cutter and lacked the depth of the last outing.

Tomorrow, will be heading to Scottsdale to watch Jarred Cosart face off against the mammoth human being from the Giants, Chris Gloor.

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