Monday, October 1, 2012

Saturday Instructs

Began with my day at the Angels complex, only to find that the Rockies had scratched David Dahl.  So, after watching the first 3 innings of this game, I made my way to Cincy to watch them play on the Indians.  Observations below:

LHP Tyler Matzek (Rockies) - One of the players I have been wanting to see for awhile, I finally received the opportunity.  The study lefty w/ a solid base and close to mature body attacks hitters from a H 3/4, SWU.  He worked with a FB that settled in at 90-92 (although it was lower at times) w/ a CH at 85-87 and a 2 plane CB at 75-79.  He generates easy velo despite rarely incorporating his legs and struggling at times to be on time.  Both offspeed pitches showed avg potential, as the CH had gd life despite being somewhat firm (and running into his FB at times) and his CB showed better spin as the inning went on.  Has the tools to be a middle of the rotation starter, as he didn't show the command issues today that he had shown during the season.  Intriguing arm.

RHP Alfonso Alcantara (Angels) - Alcantara is making his States debut during instructs and showed off a close to mature body w/ velo.  Coming from a 3/4, FWU, the 19 year old showed an explosive FB at 95-97 (up to 98) w/ a splitter at 91 and a slider at 84.  He is a pure thrower, featuring some head violence and little clue where the ball is going.  The splitter showed a little dive while the SL had 3/4 tilt and looked ok in warmups, as the only one he threw in his inning slipped out of his hand.  Intriguing pitcher if you can quiet him down and get in the zone consistently.

OF D'Vone McClure (Indians) - Saw him briefly in the AZL and got a better look at him today.  McClure has all the tools you would look for and has less polish then a lot of the other high schoolers that get drafted.  Tools wise, he is a plus runner with a long stride and features both above avg bat speed and an above avg throwing arm.  The swing itself needs a lot of work, as he takes a deep hand load and his leg kick messes with his timing.  In CF, his routes are very raw and his glove is developing, as he dropped a fly ball in the game.  There is potential for an avg or better regular, but it will take a lot of time.

RHP Kieran Lovegrove (Indians) - Got another look at Lovegrove on this day and he was 88-91 w/ a SL at 80 and a CH at 83.  Remains an intriguing option for a middle of the rotation starter, just doesn't have as much developed as Mitch Brown.

3B Dorssys Paulino (Indians) - Graded out well on my AZL Top 20 and once again showed plus bat speed, but with a thicker lower half that will result in him needing to move to 3B.  Won't matter b/c the bat will play anywhere.

RHP Dylan Baker (Indians) - Baker was the one starter we missed during the AZL, so glad to get a chance to watch him throw today.  The sturdy pitcher w/ a strong lower half, he attacked hitters from an OTT, SWU.  He featured a FB at 88-92, a SL at 83-85, a CB at 74-78 and a CH at 84-85.  The FB had some run and sink, though not enough to elicit a lot of groundballs.  The SL had tight 3/4 tilt and had late break, but would occasionally lack shape and appear to be a cutter.  The CB was a mdm downer with ok spin and slowed his arm down to get the 74 (early count) as opposed to the 77-78 (out pitch).  The CH had gd armspeed, but tendency to hold it too long, as he buried a couple of them.  Interesting guy who has the potential for pitching in the middle of the rotation, especially when you factor in that I have heard he throws harder then what I saw.

RHP Kyle McMyne (Reds) - McMyne is a mdm, athletic build w/ a strong lower half and a little projection left.  He attacked hitters from a H 3/4, NWU w/ a FB at 93-95 and a SL at 84.  The FB had a little life, but was fairly straight and he relied on his high effort delivery to generate enough deception to avoid it being squared up.  The SL had tight 3/4 tilt with avg depth that broke late and is a true out pitch.  McMyne profiles well for a high leverage role in a pen, whether as a 7th inning or 8th inning guy.

Other pitchers seen on this day were Ibrahin Redan (Reds pitcher was 87-89 w/ a CB at 73, not a lot there), Austin Muehring (Reds pitcher was 89-91 w/ a CB at 72-74 and a CH at 80, likely org depth), Carlos Contreras (Red was 90-94 w/ a power CB at 80-82 and a CH at 83-84, may be something there if can get in the zone consistently) and Felix Sterling (Indian was 88-91 in a big body with 2 developing off speed pitches, but saw him consistently 94 in the AZL).

Will be checking out the Athletics v Dodgers today.

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